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high-power transmission through the acceptance of AT

Author : Qijing Date : 2015-8-5 9:27:19
 Recently, the nation of China North Industries Group Inner Mongolia First Machinery Group Co., assume the "863" - "Power AT transmission development" projects have successfully passed the National Science and Technology Organization project acceptance. AT successfully developed high-power transmission project, to fill the gaps in the field of modern transportation technology, breaking the technology and products have long been the monopoly of foreign enterprises, solve China's automotive industry and high-end commercial power Truck automatic transmission industrial self-developed technology bottleneck. It has reached the level of performance Allison United States, Germany, ZF and other international companies of similar products in high-precision planetary transmission mechanism integrated design, the whole test technology and manufacturing process technology.

With the auto industry, the use of an automatic transmission has become a trend. AT automatic transmission, the hydraulic mechanical automatic transmission, the use of a torque converter in the initial process, the mechanical part of the planetary gear transmission structure, with a small volume transfer power characteristics, becoming the first choice for high-grade heavy-duty commercial vehicles. However, this technology is currently in the country still belongs to blank.

A local group of military enterprises into full play the advantages of technology, transportation technology areas declared power transmission AT national "863 Program" project. The project is from October 2012 to develop the project since the beginning, after nearly three years of technical research and hardship pay, completed the development of five prototypes in accordance with the project requirements. Through theoretical research and analysis of key technologies, components and technology research trial, prototype assembly and test a series of integrated research and innovation, to achieve a breakthrough in the theory of original research and engineering development, access to a number of technical innovations. First pioneered the modular platform infrastructure, based on breakthrough top-level design and overall integration of innovative technologies, the formation of high-power transmission AT theoretical research methods and technology system. Second, for the first time with a helical gear planetary transmission and a new support structure to achieve planetary transmission section drive technology and structural innovation. Third, the development of a new generation of intelligent electro-hydraulic shift integrated control system to achieve automatic fault diagnosis function. Fourth, breaking the low-cost components and manufacturing process technology. Fifth, establish a good all key components AT transmission system supporting the supply chain. While the independent intellectual property rights, filed seven patents related art, there are three authorized