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Cummins Engine Three Filters’ Function and Maintenance

Author : Qijing Date : 2015-7-1 10:15:09
First the Air Filter In order to make the engine work, must suction lots of pure air inhaled. If inhaled some engine harmful substances to   (dust, colloid acidification, aluminum, iron, etc.), it will burden cylinder liner, piston assembly, lead to the cylinder and piston components abnormity wear, even with engine oil, more wear and tear, bring about the deterioration of engine performance and shorten the service life of engine. To prevent engine wear, the air filter also has the sound attenuation function. 
Keep the air filter clean                                               
Air filter’s dirty could hinder clean air into the cylinder, which will affects the air and fuel mixture ratio. If the air into the cylinder is insufficient, mix oil and gas incomplete combustion, waste fuel. Engine power is not enough, and more CO components in exhaust, pollute the environment.
(1)Master the paper filtering core’s characteristics and clean methods.
This kind of filter element use the microporous filter paper, surface-modified. When engine is working, filter the dust by a microporous filter, ensure clean air into the cylinder. In use, the filter will stick around with a layer of dust, to prevent the damage to the filter paper, compressed air pressure must not exceed 0.2~ 0.3MPa.
(2)Regular cleaning and replace filter cartridge.
Should be in accordance with the engine maintenance regulation, In order to avoid intake resistance from the filter stick too much dirt, often clean the air filer cartridge, which will lead to reduce engine power, increase fuel consumption. If filter damaged it should be replaced in time.
(3)Correctly installed, to avoid the air not filtered into the cylinder.
In the maintenance of the air cleaner, filter on the gasket must be installed. If the seal has been aging deformation or fracture, it should be replace by a new product.
(4)When replace a new filter element, should use original factory supply filter element, don’t use inferior filter element.
General can identify high quality and inferior filter from the packaging and appearance. When you buy a filter element, remind you that ,you should buy it from  a  normal accessories shop, otherwise it is very easy for you to buy a fake.
Second, the Oil Filter, As a component of engine, play a very important role in the lubrication system. It can filter the impurities of the dust, carbon grains and the colloid that gradually produced gradually in the combustion process out. These impurities will accelerate motion parts wear, easy to cause oil road congestion, oil filter to ensure the normal operation of internal combustion engine. Greatly improvement the engine’s service life, it also can prolong the service life of other parts.
Keep the oil filter clean
Engine lubrication oil is continually polluted by scrap metal, the dust in the air and deposit carbon. The heavy impurities sediment at the bottom of the oil pan, the impurities light into the frication surface with the lubricating oil, lead to the parts early wear. The function of the oil filter, is to filter out dirt via oil filter. Filter used after a certain time, filter will be attached to lots of dirt, so should change the filter regularly. In general, Oil filter and oil should be replaced at the same time. In this way, it is helpful to extend engine service life. When replace the oil filter, needs to attention are as follows: (1) Use an oil filter wrench or appropriate tool to remove the filter, to avoid damage the threaded connection parts. (2) Check and clean the oil filter installing face. Otherwise easy come about the oil leakage after installation, case insufficient of oil supply. (3) When installing the oil filter, should wipe a layer of oil on the seal surface, to ensure that the sealing is reliable, and can prevent the damage of sealing ring. (4)After starting the engine, check the oil level, if it is infufficient of oil, should add oil in accordance with the provisions. Third. Fuel Filter Fuel filter is used to filter the engine burning fuel, avoid dust, metal powder and water into the engine with fuel, to prevent the engine wear and cause the blocking of oil supply system. 
Keep the fuel filter clean
When the filter clogging, it will lead to filter resistance increase, poor flow of the fuel, oil supply shortage, engine power decreasing, engine work weakness and lower speed. So we should replace the fuel filter in time.