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2015 second half of the construction machinery industry development situation forecast

Author : Qijing Date : 2015-8-9 9:49:17
 2015 is the "second Five Year Plan" to wrap up, compared with five years ago, the construction machinery industry development pattern, development environment, industry competitiveness and influence have changed greatly. In these five years, the rapid development of construction machinery industry to stable development, to achieve the transformation and development across the ability.
2015 is also the country in deepening reform, the various reform initiatives will be further implemented, China's construction machinery industry will continue to accelerate the adjustment of industrial structure and product mix, improve the ability to respond to changes in domestic and foreign markets, effectively change the mode of development and improve the quality and efficiency levels, achieve stable development of construction machinery industry.
Although the policy fine-tuning steady growth center is not fully apparent in the construction machinery industry, but we believe that in 2015 the deepening of the reform measures and the gradual implementation of the cooperation of the relevant policies in place, the center of the steady growth measures will gradually in engineering effective machinery industry. With the various departments continue to increase efforts to implement policies to accelerate the preparation and approval of investment projects, greater efforts to promote the construction funds gradually place, the investment steadily positive changes appears. State Council on railway construction land will greatly promote the comprehensive development of railway construction investment and financing reform, expand financing channels railway, to the introduction of private capital to improve the financial situation of railway construction, will bring good to the construction machinery industry.
At present, the rapid development of the world economy has changed into a deep transformation of the pre-crisis period of adjustment, the economic downturn has become the new global economic normality. Worldwide political, economic friction, new challenges unprecedentedly severe. Developed countries have put forward the "Industry 4.0 strategy" to accelerate the development of emerging economies have a comparative advantage in industries, countries to seize the commanding heights of the competitive world of international division of labor is more intense. The new round of industrial revolution being nurtured by the large-scale production will bring standardization to personalization, decentralization of major changes, which will promote China's machinery industry to further accelerate the pace of transformation and upgrading.
China Construction Machinery Industry Association Vice Chairman and General Suzi Meng believes, based on developments in recent years, the construction machinery industry, combined with the basic situation of China's macro-economy, in 2015 the construction machinery industry will undertake the first two years of low growth, the industry Operating income will grow by about 7% on the basis of the actual completion of the 2014 annual export situation will be slightly better than 2014.