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Yuchai multi-cylinder diesel engine sales keep first

Author : Qijing Date : 2015-8-21 8:36:22
With the July 28, 2015 China's first successfully opposed diesel engine test bench in the ignition, this independent research, an original technology engine, and then increase momentum boost for technological innovation and mechanism change Yuchai business steady for the better.

The first half of 2015, Yuchai continues to maintain the industry first production and sales of multi-cylinder diesel engine, an increase of 1% market share, which, light truck and agricultural engines, and engine sales in overseas markets have achieved substantial growth; second venture as a group support Yuchai Metro construction industry entered a new stage, with a total investment of about 1.15 billion yuan in the six companies signed into the city; logistics vehicle sales up 21% over last year; logistics cumulative revenue increase over last year more than 2%.

Adhere to the technical development continued to lead the market. Yuchai launched the country's industry-leading five-product basis, in June this year in Beijing market the country's first European Ⅵ diesel engines, continue to seize the high ground. January to July, Yuchai National IV, the country five engine production and sales grew more than 60%. At the same time, before the implementation of emission regulations T3, Yuchai increased product development efforts, in mid-August, there will be 10 new balance compliance engine available, to lay the technical foundation for Yuchai pass through T3. In addition, Yuchai research and development in the field of electric vehicles technical reserves has been completed, the electric vehicle-related industries will soon be landing.

Adhere to the reform and development to help add vitality. Yuchai build lean manufacturing system, and strengthen the full life cycle management of products, drive business productivity increased dramatically in the first half of this year to create a lean improvement project benefits more than last year; promote organizational reform, the factory is integrated into the product platform base engine assembly plant, establish and improve function, closed factories manufacturing responsibility system, production efficiency is greatly improved; the implementation of the division system mode, production, marketing, research closed loop management, delivery of outputs and lowering the cost management with remarkable results.

Core subsidiary Yuchai began reform organization and to optimize the company's business lines cut from 15 to six, the implementation of centralized management operations, streamline business processes, break silos, enabling lean operations, efficient and coordinated; Reform mention Yuchai Group's parent company, on the agenda of the management and control model for recycling, the transition from financial control to the strategic management and control, ensuring strategic landing.