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Yuchai Heavy punch combination to respond to market effect previews

Author : Qijing Date : 2015-7-28 9:22:49
 Yuchai Heavy construction machinery industry to actively respond to market winter, to enhance the operational efficiency of thin punch hit a record - "organizational restructuring, personnel structure optimization" won the understanding and support workers. Recently, representatives of the employees on the General Assembly Yuchai Heavy Industry, Yulin, Tianjin, Changzhou base total of more than 60 employee representatives solemnly to a vote, unanimously adopted to optimize shunt implementation.
In this workers' congress, delegates generally agreed that the program is currently the company's proactive response winter construction machinery industry, to ensure sustained and healthy development, taking into account the interests of good policy staff.
"The development of enterprises have ups and downs, the construction machinery industry development spurt before 2011, but starting from the second half of the high dive, came to a standstill, I take the initiative to deal with the situation, the implementation of strategic contraction, Streamlining triage approach is understandable; moreover optimize the shunt can convey to Yuchai Group subsidiary, let love flow Yuchai employees within the group, to ensure that talent is not lost, is a more responsible approach to employees, but also reflects the Yuchai family warm. "functional representatives 杨丽芳 emotion, said after the meeting.
Headquartered in Yulin, Guangxi Yuchai Heavy Industries, specializing in construction machinery products development, production and sales, is a major production and export base of mini excavators, is the most complete product spectrum of domestic excavator manufacturer. Owns located in Tianjin, Changzhou, Jiangsu, Sichuan Luzhou the four subsidiaries. Yuchai Heavy construction machinery industry belongs, is one of two important product chain Yuchai, Yuchai Group is to achieve "five-second" an important pillar billion goal, therefore attention Yuchai Yuchai Heavy Industry Future Development Chairman of the Board of Directors of Yuchai Group Yan Ping said that the important mission of carrying Yuchai Yuchai Heavy Industry Group's long-term vision to achieve business continuity, can not give up a long-term strategy for development in the face of short-term difficulties. In addition to strengthen the guidance of Yuchai Heavy Industries, the ancient Church Health Yuchai Group CEO is clear that, for the maintenance of the whole group and support Yuchai Heavy Industry, to ensure the healthy development of Yuchai Heavy Industry.
In recent years, Yuchai Heavy Industry proactive response to industry market winter, hard skills, in new product development, market development, product quality improvement, service quality improvement, vendor alliances, strategic cooperation and other aspects played a combination of heavy, out of a connotation growth path, beginning to bear results.
In new product development, Yuchai Heavy Industry pace. 2012 Yuchai Heavy Industry new product development projects to 58, 2013 deadline has been organized to carry out new product development projects for 44. In recent years, Yuchai Heavy Industries won the national high-tech enterprises, the State Torch Program focused on high-tech enterprises recognized, YC60 / YC230 / YC35SR series of hydraulic excavators projects included in the state's key new product projects. Currently, Yuchai hydraulic excavators have 0.8 to 220 tons more than 40 series of 160 varieties. Some experts believe that the current product spectrum Yuchai Heavy Industry complete, mature technology, reliable quality, once the market starts demand, Yuchai Heavy Industry will quickly out of the woods.
In product quality, "goods boundless, limitless quality" to provide a high standard for every customer, high-level, high-quality construction machinery Yuchai Heavy unceasing pursuit. 2012, Yuchai Heavy Industry product quality improvement project to 34, 2013 cut-off date of 11 quality improvement projects. Patent application performance hit a record high, completed in 2012 applied for patent 143, including 47 invention patents, utility model patents 96, a total of 104 authorized. Currently, Yuchai Heavy Industries already has 213 patents. Yuchai Heavy excavator highlight the advantages and has been fully recognized by users in the excavation, efficiency and stability of the area. In 2012, Yuchai Heavy Industries won the "Yulin City Mayor Quality Award", the highest honor excellence in Yulin City, the implementation of enterprise performance management model granted, but also the management Yuchai Heavy Industry, stable quality controlled affirmed.
On the market development, Yuchai Heavy Industry actively expand overseas business, focusing on the development of overseas markets, the effect is obvious. Which YC230LC-8 excavator export market in South America have a single batch of 46 units; 2 tons machine following Yuchai mini excavators 2012 sales grew 18.3%. The YC08-YC230 Total 15 series of hydraulic excavators and skid steer loaders YCH08 also examined by the noise of the world's leading certification body the British AVT's noise, noise achieved CE certification to enter EU member states continue to have sold Pass; YC15-8 and other 10 series hydraulic excavators TR successfully obtained a certificate issued under the authority of the Russian Federation metering Department, made a pass to open the Russian market.
Enhance service quality, in recent years, Yuchai Heavy Industries launched the "Nabi plan," "Thanksgiving Tour" and other service users activities, the implementation of the "thousands of shop image" project, completed Yulin, Changzhou, Tianjin three standardized parts warehouse construction and more than 10 distributors standardized storage building in early 2013 also launched the "intimate visits, home care" warmth activities. In 2012, Yuchai Heavy Industries also built the industry-leading levels of DMS dealer management system to achieve real-time updates to display sales, service data capabilities, and visit a large number of customers through the call center every day to deal with the problem promptly feedback. Through the efforts, product quality and service levels to achieve the upgrade Yuchai Heavy Industry, service satisfaction has improved, three dealers - Corsica wide Electrical and Mechanical Co., Ltd., Guizhou three Long Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd., Jinan pangolin Engineering Co. Machinery The company won the "2012 China Construction Machinery Service 50" in the title.
Yuchai Heavy Industry has also strengthened, agents alliance, sharing resources and suppliers with them, hand in hand; actively develop strategic partnership and strengthen cooperation with foreign investors. Yuchai Heavy Industries in 2012, the global construction machinery manufacturers top 50 from the first 43 of 2011 jumped to No. 38. In 2012, Yuchai Heavy whole model market share in China excavator industry, national brands in the top three.
2013 Central Economic Work Conference's 2013 economic work of the six main tasks in the "proactive fiscal policy and prudent monetary policy," "steadily promote urbanization" and other words, the Chinese construction machinery industry to enhance macro-economic outlook during confidence. With the increase in railway and water conservancy investment, a large number of new affordable housing, urbanization, road network and other favorable factors increasing the amount, Yuchai Heavy Industry actively respond to market a combination of heavy winter will further highlight the achievements in 2013 and the coming years.