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Yuchai EURO V engine light truck matching welcome step forward

Author : Qijing Date : 2015-9-4 8:50:47
With Beijing, the implementation of emission standards of the Shanghai Five, Guangzhou, Tianjin and other places are also coming into the country five times, the main engine of domestic enterprises have put the country five machine products, as has been at the forefront of the industry Yuchai diesel engine, five-country machine advantage in supporting the market. At the same time help to complete the country's Beijing Shikoku five diesel buses discharge transformation, Yuchai starting point to force the country five power light truck market, highlighting the advantages and seize market opportunities.

Recently, Yuchai light truck States five projects hi successes, YC4EG-50 supporting Dongfeng shares Duolika XL country five trial-like vehicle was successfully launched, marking the country's five light truck Yuchai supporting the market has taken a welcome step, and yielded good results.

Hand in hand "Dongfeng" Duolika XL perfect interpretation of national power five light truck

July 16, equipped with Yuchai YC4EG-50 countries five power Dongfeng shares Duolika XL country five trial-like vehicle was successfully launched under the project time, heavy task, technically demanding circumstances, to achieve a perfect match, full of Yuchai country five machines of superior product quality and contains mature technology strength. From the third year, the country four models match, then the country successfully launched five models like cars, Yuchai diesel engine supporting Dongfeng DLK series models has experienced, pragmatic forward, both companies have thus established long-term cooperation trust relationship.

The XL series DLK country successfully launched five models, namely the big leap light truck Dongfeng shares layout is also an important achievement Yuchai country five machine light truck matching strategy.

Do your homework Yuchai country five dynamic layout perfect light truck

Yuchai country five light truck models for the strategic flagship YC4EG, YC4S and YC4FA series. Wherein, YC4EG-50 countries is the main power Yuchai five light truck light truck powered, while YC4FA-50 and YC4S-50 is a high-end light truck market occupied Yuchai's flagship product.

These three series covering the 90-180 horsepower engine power light truck market, YC4EG series trucks dedicated dynamic power range of 140-180 horsepower, YC4S series trucks dedicated dynamic power range of 120-150 horsepower, YC4FA series trucks dedicated dynamic power range of 90 -120 horsepower. Displacement were 2.98L, 3.76L and 4.73L. Whether displacement, or power, covering all the power light truck, light truck market power to meet all needs.

Emissions mainstream technology roadmap + world-class design Yuchai country five power light truck full of gold

Since 2015, Yuchai power to force the country five light truck market, YC4EG-50, YC4S-50 and YC4FA-50 series of products to seize market opportunities. Yuchai country five light truck power products used in the mainstream emission control technology route, namely rail + EGR + DOC + DPF technology roadmap. Bosch common-rail technology, through the flexible control of injection pressure and fuel, low speed and high injection pressure, in order to achieve low speed high torque, low emissions of purpose.

EGR + DOC + DPF technology through the exhaust gas recirculation, oxidation catalyst and particulate trap, the exhaust gas recirculation, oxidation, after filtering through the on-board diagnostic system (OBD system) nitrogen oxides (NOx) monitoring and actual monitoring frequency ( IUPR) discharged exhaust gas accord WHTC cycle calibration. In addition, five machine Yuchai country also applied the machine purification technology to reduce particulate matter attached body, convenient after-sales maintenance.

Yuchai YC4EG-50, YC4S-50 and YC4FA-50 series engines are integrated, lightweight, compact design, based on common Yuchai engine design has the advantage on the integration of the advanced engine technology internationally, gold full. YC4EG-50 series is Yuchai co-developed with British Ricardo; YC4S-50 series with the US SwRI Yuchai joint design and development; YC4FA-50 series with the German company FEV Yuchai joint design and development.

Five of the country's better performance Yuchai into the user's preferred light truck

Yuchai Yuchai State inherited the five machine product performance advantages, as always, to become the country of choice for users of five light truck. YC4EG series has high power and outstanding fuel economy, to achieve high-speed heavy, while 13 percent starting torque boost, and cooling more uniform, less vibration and noise.

YC4S Yuchai series for high-end light truck market's flagship product, good reliability, the cooling effect is particularly prominent. YC4FA powered light truck series star, is a low-emission, energy saving light engine, power and economic indicators have reached the international advanced level, its outstanding advantages in management, energy, guard, servo and warnings are to achieve an intelligent, let users peace of mind, save time, save money.

Grasp the opportunity Yuchai country five engine market promising

Currently, Yuchai engine emission technology products already grasp the opportunity, the country five product reserves sufficient bus power products industry leader, the highest market share, truck power products rich models, technology significantly higher than the industry average. In particular, the country's five light truck models adapted smoothly to fight Yuchai supporting the country five light truck market has won the first move.

Faced with the downturn in the truck market in 2015, Yuchai with product quality, advanced technology and excellent service in supporting the market for commercial vehicles in the wind before the line. I believe that soon, in the truck market, and Yuchai supporting the country five light truck market will shine!