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Xugong's first super GAC Hino tractor

Author : Qijing Date : 2015-9-19 8:59:14
 August, tractor market structure change. Supporting the main cement mixing car Xugong heavy truck, in tractor market breakthrough, for the first time into the traction vehicle 10 forced column, disrupted the tractor before the original 10 strong cohort, Guangqi Hino were forced to leave the top10.
A is mainly done engineering vehicle enterprises, a is backed by Hino, and do the main highway logistics vehicle joint venture, in pulling rank seating arrangement of the car market changes, have to concern.

Xu Gongjin traction before the first 10 ranks of the market pattern was broken

In August, has been unknown Xugong heavy truck in the car market traction, quietly over the GAC Hino, entered the traction Plantago 10 strong cavalcade.

Automobile Association August sales data shows, before August, XCMG traction vehicle sales to 707 vehicles, compared with the same period last year, the cumulative growth of 19.7%, in tractor market ranking moved up to 10th; and over the years has been in tractor market ranked 10th in the GAC Hino, the first eight months traction car accumulative total sales volume is 668 vehicles being out of the top 10 ranks.

Although Xugong before August tractor sales only than GAC Hino much 39 cars, but the results produced significance, XCMG group for the first time into the traction vehicle 10 forced column, break the traction vehicle 10 original pattern.

Previously, traction Plantago 10 strong pattern has not changed over the years, has been running Dongfeng, liberation, Shaanxi Auto, heavy truck, Foton, north, Valin, Dayun, Hongyan, Guangqi Hino the 10 companies firmly occupied, until the Xugong for Guangqi Hino out changes to the original situation.
For the heavy truck industry, this is a signal, under pressure facing reshuffle.

No longer rely on a single structure optimization of engineering vehicle XCMG products

In addition to the impact of changes in the industry structure, tractor sales rose Xugong, the product structure has been optimized.

As is known to all, Xugong backed group this tree, its heavy truck many self rationing the group of engineering vehicles, and road logistics vehicle products has been short board. However, from the beginning of last year, this trend has changed. The Xugong tractor began to force.

From the point of view of the automobile association data, at an early age, Xugong almost no traction car sales, 2011, 2012, 2013, the 3 years annual sales respectively 0 cars, 35 vehicles, 24 vehicles until the 2014 second half of the year began to accelerate the development of, to the end of 2014 annual sales reached 779 vehicles, row to the wide steam Hino; by 2015, the traction vehicle sales in the first half of the year growth speed is slow, but during July and August, respectively, with an increase of 85%, 109% of rapid growth, finally in August over the GAC Hino.

From the above a set of data can be seen, the Xugong in tractor market, from the force to break through almost only more than a year. For Xugong, this is a breakthrough, from relying on the mixing truck and other special vehicles chassis sales, to the traction of the car market to show the advantages of, also means that the product structure has been optimized.

At present, Xugong in heavy truck market has been ranked 11th, in the wake of the Hongyan, had already exceeded the Sanhuan, Guangqi Hino, and the traction after optimization of the car is short board, not more terrible, change the heavy truck before the 10 strong pattern again
The answer may soon see the outcome.