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Xugong new style is more heavy truck Jiangsu Hanfeng material listed

Author : Qijing Date : 2015-8-26 8:41:34
August 22, 2015, XCMG car HANVAN Hanfeng product hometown celebration, invite Jiangsu, Anhui area dealers guest users located in Xuzhou City National High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Xugong new heavy truck production base, and held a grand "Chinese wind change the value of the passage of "Jiangsu station market conference theme. In this Xugong for the majority of users to bring new high-end product Hanfeng heavy truck, but release "Xugong world love the line" service brand for the Chinese wind car escort.

The stations in Jiangsu Hanfeng Hanfeng listing venue coincides new heavy truck production base, during the entire event, Han Feng heavy truck product itself and Chinese wind production processes, production processes are caused by the guest interest.
General Manager of Xugong Group Automotive Luo Donghai introduced to, "Xugong heavy truck new base on March 18, 2015 put into operation, it has the most advanced equipment and technology, into a first-class modern truck manufacturing plants. Xugong" Hanfeng " Xugong heavy truck is a professional domestic and international automotive joint design team work together lasted three and a half years to build carefully, it is the main face of the domestic high-end logistics vehicles, construction vehicles and private car market, vehicle styling, ergonomics, refined to meet international advanced level. "HANVAN Han Feng" brand was born in Xuzhou, is a scientific and technological strength and charm into the history and culture, it is integrated into the thinking and understanding of the customer's car fleet XCMG industry. "

Currently, Xugong heavy truck full line of products, including Han Feng, ki T, ki-K, dragon Z, right rudder, off-highway which six series products, and the highway of the project type, low high school both product groups. Han Feng has a new wide-body platform, narrow body, twin-owned high-top and low top-bedroom, low-top single row, high-top twin flat floor cab form, the product will cover towing, cargo, dump, special models. Han Feng tractor version which first listed high-speed, standard, heavy-duty, overweight load type four categories, according to the specific needs of the user can type your business goods, driving traffic, counterweight, transport distance, etc., precision Select the desired configuration models.
As Hanfeng heavy truck market is important to promote the helm, Mr. general manager Xugong Group Automotive Marketing Company 陈景哲 at the scene to bring the Chinese wind from the security, reliability, economy, comfort, intelligent five outstanding quality heavy card product description. Han Feng in which the failure of the key points affecting the reliability of all heavy truck matching high-end mainstream components, including high market share Weichai, Sai engine, Eaton clutch, Fast gearbox and Hande Axle, ZF steering gear, g Noel brake and other brands, improve vehicle reliability.

Hanfeng intelligent high-end models as Xugong, economically, Deluxe Edition two functions configuration in which four airbags standard on all models suspension damping cab, ABS anti-lock system, tachograph, brake systems and other multi-fuel power configuration, optional electric heating function Power Mirrors, independent air heaters, ASR drive slip system, deluxe edition models even with the outer visor LED electronic display, before the car Fangzhuang warning systems, lane deviation warning system, automatic headlamp lighting systems, humane and safe configuration.
In order to verify the preliminary results, in April 2015, XCMG has sold real car put the national market. In the conference site, the first users in Jiangsu Province, Mr. Sha issued car super wide acceptance speech, said he was from June 26 to buy a 430 equipped with Weichai engine, 12-speed gearbox Fast Hanfeng 6x4 tractor, car vehicles in use, horsepower ramps outstanding, dashboard very beautiful, clear night vision when driving, vehicle reliability is guaranteed, two months in car enthusiasm inquiry car phone contact several times, the answer vehicles Problems encountered by companies recognized compare.

The event, Xugong heavy trucks hometown in Jiangsu Province held the first official Chinese wind heavy card users turnkey ceremony, and with on-site customers successfully signed 265 orders for heavy trucks, heavy trucks for the Chinese wind market promotion opens a new situation.
Intentions to win customers "Xugong love, the world line" service brand release
Providing user test drive the plant site links, many drivers have registered to participate in activities of a driver's license, close and Han Feng products and test drive site. Many users have expressed the scene of the vehicle acceleration performance, braking performance, operator comfort expressed appreciation, but also bluntly expressed a car just to buy the product, and to the last and more important thing is to have reliable services.
Xugong heavy truck customers in good understanding, considerate customers, respect for the customer base, released at the scene, "Xugong love, the world line" service brand. "Xugong love" with Chi Fu road vehicle networking, customer club, value-added support services to ensure that users enjoy more security services after purchase. Xugong is currently in the national distribution of more than 600 service stations, more than 50 parts center, offers 24 hours 365 days around the clock non-blind out rescue services to ensure that users be assured "the world line."
In Han Feng tractor market promotion period, Xugong also provide customers with exclusive services, including 36-month unlimited mileage base member long warranty period, vehicle insurance free first year free maintenance warranty given free policy, and accessories for life Warranty, VIP Gold offers, nanny services in order to bring more security and convenient car.
"Xugong love, the world line" service brand release, expressed Xugong in the service maintenance work will be effective inputs provide reliable back-up support for the development of the market Xugong heavy trucks