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XiChai new push LD series helicopter five countries

Author : Qijing Date : 2015-8-25 10:12:57
August 23, 2015, JAC cum tin Chaiheng Wei product launches held in Shanghai, the theme for the energy that "core" economic peace of mind. The seminar was organized by the FAW Wuxi Diesel Engine Factory Ltd. sales company Shanghai division, Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Heavy commercial vehicle marketing company Zhejiang district leaders and representatives of many Xichai product users invited to the event ʱ?? Seminar highlights the FAW tin Chaiheng Wei LD series engine product advantages and JAC Gallop heavy truck carrying Xichai F Series, FL Series engine usage.

Meeting first by Mr. Wu Tong Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Co., a large area of ​​heavy commercial vehicle marketing company in Shanghai manager, he expressed his JAC heavy truck production capacity of 100,000 units, the market for the JAC Gallop fourth generation. In power, JAC Gallop 4x2 trucks equipped with an engine and the body CA4DF Xichai 8x4 trucks equipped CA6DFL engine are strong power, good operational performance, meet the different power requirements.

Followed by the FAW Wuxi Diesel Engine Co., Ltd. Mr. Tang Dawei plant sales company in Shanghai Division Brand Manager he introduced one by one to the guests of the main push XiChai wood products. Wuxi Diesel Engine brand mainly Aowei, BSC and Conway, this promotion will focus on Hengwei series. HENGWEI product spectrum in the F series, L series and LD series meet the power needs of more than 12 tons of heavy-duty trucks, FL series diesel engines to meet the power needs of more than 15 tons of heavy trucks, which is the FAW Wuxi Diesel LD series next year's main product The series can be directly upgraded to national V emission standards.

As the F series of upgrade products, CA4DLD four-valve technology, DENSO common rail fuel system, fuel injector in the home construction, design pressure up to 180 high-explosive atmospheres; using EGR emissions strategy, vehicle layout is simple and convenient. Particular requirements for high-end users and luxury models, 4DLD also developed a two-stage supercharging, variable geometry turbocharger, the world's advanced high-end engine. 4DLD diesel engine maximum torque 600Nm, the engine 900r / min low speed, 4DLD still output 503Nm. At the same time the piston ring using diamond coatings, abrasion resistance significantly increased; lubricating oil cooling system uses a modular design to ensure cooling and lubrication effect; the same time as simple and compact structure, easy maintenance.

Xichai CA4DLD-15E4R engine equipped with JAC Gallop trucks

Xichai CA4DLD engine show

CA6DLD to CA6DF series of upgrades, the use of electronically controlled high pressure common rail system. Two technical route, EGR product without after-treatment injection systems, more economical maintenance, and fuel combustion SCR products more fully, a higher utilization rate, long-distance high-speed and more economical. SCR Product urea injection system with fault memory and power gasped function, while urea tank has water and electric heating of urea pipe, the heating function to adapt to the cold zone operation. Machine B10 life of 800,000 kilometers, while the optional patented integrated VCU device (vehicle fuel controller), fuel level switches, pressure switches, etc., to improve fuel economy and maintain comfort.
In the seminar last Tang also to explain some of the choice of site user knowledge of the oil and coolant. Diesel selection aspect, SCR diesel four countries try to use diesel four countries, while the choice of diesel grades should be determined according to the ambient temperature, otherwise fuel may freeze. Because diesel fuel quality has a great impact on the country's four electronically controlled common rail diesel systems, use XiChai dedicated fuel filter, effectively filter the water and diesel fuel contained in the magazine, to ensure that the diesel engine is working properly.
Lubricant selection aspect XiChai users need priority XiChai dedicated CH-4 level and above (including grade CH-4) lubricants, also select different grades depending on the temperature, otherwise it will damage the diesel engine to bring non-normal. National IV diesel engine coolant must be used to select the correct and proper maintenance of the cooling system may be able to avoid overheating diesel, pump leakage, scattered clogging and other failures. At the same time the need to replace the coolant every 2 years, we recommend using XiChai special coolant.
FAW tin Chai Series F Series and FL series is currently made in the performance of JAC Gallop laden vehicle in good condition, coupled with the LD series of strong launch, with its advanced technology, powerful features and outstanding economic comfort It would attract more user attention and favor.