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XCMG loader sprints industry peak

Author : Qijing Date : 2015-7-24 9:06:30
 With the further deepening of China's economic reform, construction machinery industry is also undergoing new changes. In order to improve marketing efficiency, and market analysis, development and the ability to control, XCMG earth-moving machinery division within the group first started marketing system reform, to take the initiative to take marketing as the core value of change, more attention management quality and efficiency, open up marketing business context between the modules to enhance marketing value chain, to build internal and external continuous drive system, full sprint loader industry peak.

Follow the development of internal and external linkage loader industry has become the insurgents

"To risk, operational quality, improve health indicators as the top priority."  XCMG earth-moving machinery division comply with the reform environment, from market analysis to marketing, market development, market the full range of reforms and control, positioning and other functions, the implementation of dynamic management of dealers, help dealers from the business, market analysis, process control and other aspects of timely detection of problems solved in time, pulling the management and headquarters docking dealers, the dealers to achieve a monthly "physical", to achieve efficient, lean, precise requirements, creativity and positive energy reflected in the reform, and with product innovation and manufacturing enhance the ability to realize corner overtaking, loader industry has become the insurgents, the industry "dark horse."

Hard skills upgrade continued to create efficient marketing team

"Loader industry will take a quality development, quality management course, the transition from scale to efficiency." Xugong earth-moving machinery division in accordance with "sales business model transformation to sales management, improve infrastructure management", "long-term development in conjunction with the current business, the implementation of matrix management model, focusing on the quality of operations", "chain functions according to business division, management mode process reengineering, strengthen risk management and control "of the three guiding ideology, continue to deepen," a value, a risk, three structural adjustment "and" 113 "project, in order to" change the target flat, lean, efficient "create a shortcut path, strengthen the value chain, the implementation of dynamic control, between various modules together constitute marketing business marketing value chain, continued to create efficient marketing team.

Innovation-driven industries to enhance the ability to quickly climb the peak

"Reform is not only crucial choice of enterprise development, but also our first summit power industry reform is the key initiatives over the next three to five years of development." Xugong earth-moving machinery division marketing system not only according to Wang Min, chairman of the "Three a greater emphasis on "," two rate "to enhance the guiding ideology, but also conform to the requirements of market development, and further the market has done more solid. 2014 mainly reflected changes in the value of marketing as a market-driven strategy, embodied in itself create value for customers and create value both in the index is designed to reflect the operation quality improved and enhanced as the joint efforts of key initiatives, more attention sales revenue, so earth-moving machinery division within the group to become the most potential, the most valuable business, boosting the group's strategic development.