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Volvo's first vehicle assembly Aeolus Tyre enter market

Author : Qijing Date : 2015-7-30 10:42:56
 July 16, Volvo Construction Machinery (China) Co., Ltd.'s first vehicle assembly Aeolus Tyre successful downline. This marks the Aeolus tire with Volvo officially opened the curtain of win-win cooperation, also shows that the Volvo Aeolus Tyre R & D capabilities, overall strength, product quality, service quality recognition.

Aeolus Tyre domestic tire manufacturers as Volvo suppliers, faith requires accurate and efficient, to achieve smooth and timely delivery. On the one hand, the Volvo enables them to seek cost-effective supplier of domestic demand in China, to ensure that maximize its benefits; on the other hand, Aeolus Tyre to work with high-end brands, and then expand the Aeolus brand influence and visibility, help Aeolus Tyre Chinese domestic tire achieve its vision as a leader for the realization of world quality, international brands of vision laid a good foundation.

2014, Aeolus Tyre loaders and articulated dump truck tire series 23.5r25al36,26.5r25al36 twist card OTR 29.5r25a2207 / ae47 respectively passed the Volvo Construction Equipment's laboratory and field testing, product performance is good, the customer has won highly recognized. Outdoor test starting from January 2013, which lasted more than a year. Tire assembly test performed on Volvo Construction Equipment's articulated dump truck a40g test, running time 2888 hours, running mileage 24,763 km, the whole process comfortable ride, the test tire tread wear a uniform, the average remaining tread depth is 30mm.

Volvo Construction Equipment as a member of the Volvo Group, the world's top maker of construction equipment, mainly the production of excavators, wheel loaders, motor graders and articulated trucks and other products. Volvo to participate must meet very stringent tests relevant qualification requirements, we must first get Volvo tire manufacturers to test samples of qualified audit, trial, and ready to send samples of the various tire test material before the start of the European headquarters of Volvo indoor and outdoor testing.