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There is still room for development of natural gas commercial vehicles

Author : Qijing Date : 2015-8-29 8:49:09
January to July this year, natural gas production was 16,600 buses, 27,600 more than last year's production fell 4 percent. Over the same period, the cumulative production of 10,400 gas truck market also dropped 54 percent over last year's 23,000.

Previously, natural gas buses but had economic and environmental characteristics of a large selection of urban passenger transportation. However, the reporter learned that, with this year slashed prices of diesel and natural gas buses economy greatly reduced; on the other hand, as the new energy electric buses and gradually occupied the promotion of seats on municipal procurement of natural gas buses are gradually marginalized
However, in some bus companies and market experts, with proven reserves of natural gas increased, there is still room for development of natural gas commercial vehicles, as compared to the new energy vehicles, natural gas used in the passenger car will be more convenient to mature.
Natural gas buses economy weakened
In fact, the decline in commercial vehicle sales of natural gas has made some companies first to feel the chill.
According to statistics of the Ministry of Industry, in the field of natural gas buses, the largest proportion of Yutong Bus sales in the first 7 months of 2980 only, down 44%; Foton decreased by 19% to 2077. In the natural gas market in the truck, Shaanxi Auto sales fell 61 percent to 2610, FAW fell 71 percent to 1207, China's heavy truck is only 907 fell 66%. "The decline in diesel prices make natural gas the truck's cost advantage is no longer obvious." A person familiar with China's heavy truck told reporters.
It is understood that on August 24, Beijing diesel price of 5.57 yuan per liter, down 6.7% compared with 5.97 yuan in early. In fact, since last September to August this year, the domestic gasoline and diesel prices were conducted 15 times lower, and increase the number of only 5 times. Moreover, the price of natural gas buses are also about 30% higher than diesel vehicles. In this case, natural gas buses economy weakened, the sales model caused some impact.
Deputy Secretary-General of National Passenger Car Market Information Co-Shun Yang then told reporters, "declining public procurement is the cause of the decline in natural gas buses." While GF Securities research report shows that in the first half of this year, domestic purchases fell 23.26 buses %, which resulted in sales of natural gas buses heavy blow.
It is understood that, because of declining sales of natural gas trucks and buses are not the same. "Overall truck sales declining, falling natural gas trucks in this market segment is not surprising." Shun Yang then expressed.
According to the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (hereinafter referred to as the Automobile Association) statistics, in the first seven months of this year the domestic truck sales dropped 16.1 percent over last year. In re-Shun Yang opinion, compared to diesel price changes, the overall decline in the truck market demand is the main cause of the decline of natural gas trucks.
By contrast, sales of passenger cars and not too significant decline. According to the Automobile Association statistics, the overall passenger car sales in July before the emergence of just 0.5% decline, natural gas passenger car sales fell nearly 4 percent of the apparently not all caused by changes in passenger demand.
Motorized commercial challenges encountered
Although the decline in sales of natural gas buses and trucks have different personalities of factors, but led them to decline a common reason is a new energy commercial shunt.
According to the Ministry data show that in the first seven months of this year, pure electric commercial vehicle production reached 26,100, an increase of seven times more than last year; plug-in hybrid commercial vehicle production 8041, an increase of 85%. Under the shift, new energy to 34,000 commercial vehicles have been sold more than 27,000 natural gas commercial vehicles.
In the passenger car segment, such diversion is reflected more clearly. According to the report GF Securities, in the field of natural gas transit buses rely on new energy in the first half sales of 12,000 buses. "Promotion of new energy vehicles around so that sales of new commercial energy has been greatly improved." The Secretary-General Choi Dong-tree by the Federation, told reporters that state and local subsidies to new energy bus after a comprehensive up 440,000 to 60 million, which Let new energy commercial vehicle purchase price reflected the cost advantage. However, with the implementation of new energy vehicles subsidies back slope mechanism, the future of commercial promotion of new energy reality will undoubtedly face challenges
At the same time, the promotion of new energy vehicles also face poor infrastructure situation. In contrast, the initial years of commercial natural gas facilities construction more complete. According to the plan, by the end of 2015 the total domestic filling stations will reach around 5000, it will form the world's largest natural gas vehicle filling network.
Choi Dong-tree, told reporters that the oil in the reduction of different natural gas proved reserves increased year by year, of which only 2014 proved reserves on a substantial growth of 20% to 18.7 billion cubic meters. Thus, in his view, taking into account the current situation and future development of domestic energy infrastructure, "it should be adjusted commercial simple electric promotion policy, while commercial natural gas should also be one of the important commercial route for future development."