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The development prospect of the special vehicle market in China

Author : Qijing Date : 2015-9-22 8:42:32
 September 19, 2015 Eleventh China (Liangshan) special motor show 19 days in Liangshan Shandong closing, experts in the exhibition held during the special automobile industry development forum, said China's private car market development prospects.

It is understood that the special purpose vehicle is equipped with special equipment, with special features for special transportation tasks or special operations and other special purpose vehicle.
According to the national information center of Information Resources Development Department of the automobile industry information department director Liu Ming introduction, in the past 15 years, China's rapid development of private car market, the structure of a variety of models, fine differentiation, rapid growth in total. The output value of the modified car related to the special vehicle increased from 35270000000 yuan in 2000 to 196510000000 yuan in 2013. China Automobile Industry Association special vehicle branch data show that as of the end of this year, China's private car production enterprises 1037, 806 in the production of enterprises.
Experts believe that the first half of the special car industry has a structural adjustment decline, the impact of the most serious engineering category of special vehicles, transport vehicles, although there is a certain decline in the overall trend, the rapid development of the logistics industry in the environment, the trend is still in a healthy development of transportation.
China Automobile Industry Association special vehicle branch secretary general Wang Huanmin said at the forum, the special car industry after the golden ten years of rapid development and GDP growth is basically a high positive correlation, economic growth is the fundamental driving force for the growth of private car.
Experts generally believe that China is currently in the development stage of specialization from coarse to fine. According to the latest economic classification of the National Bureau of statistics, China's economic sector has reached twenty major categories, nearly a hundred large classes, more than a thousand kinds of small classes, the degree of economic development will promote the improvement of professional car demand.

At the same time, an important feature of the future economic development will be the shortage of cheap labor, wages continued to rise, which will accelerate the replacement of a dedicated car, the demand for special vehicles to provide a broad space.
Wang Huanmin said that the current investment in private cars are still high enthusiasm, the higher growth to attract a lot of capital inflows. Under the market capacity tends to saturation, incremental space gradually reduce the market reality, enterprise competition will also by "racing game" to "out of the game" change.