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The Cummins ISG engine power Auman domineering win

Author : Qijing Date : 2015-8-11 11:58:46
Recently, 2015 CTR China Truck open first stop in Zhaoqing, Guangdong international car field a successful conclusion. As China's only included in the annual national plan of competition of sports truck class event, the tournament successfully opened the channels of communication and cooperation with the European Truck Racing, introducing European Tournament and racer, open "truck events 3.0 era.

This is an international standard, professional level events, brought together from all over the world. At such a high level event, the test is the performance and potential of the truck, and engine performance is good or bad is the key to race against time, the outcome of this in one fell swoop.

There are a total of 13 heavy trucks involved in this competition. Equipped with Cummins Engine ISG Auman GTL super version, with unparalleled acceleration properties and superior cornering ability, in site racing game, drift, ring road to challenge the limits of the project to the audience a surge of adrenaline, bring the perfect performance of the hearty, with overwhelming advantages and potential football won the championship!
"ISG power to accumulate steadily"

The tournament champion is MartinKolomly from Czech, he had won the title in 23 minutes and 27 seconds 415 comprehensive scores pull. In the game, he was pleasantly surprised, is the use of the car of the Cummins ISG engine -- strong power, intelligent transmission, accumulate steadily, instant attack, awesome!

"The secret of the 150km after 300 m in a bend is ISG"

The second place is the driver Xin Kejun, he was driving the car is also equipped with Cummins ISG engine Auman GTL. "I on the engine power very satisfied, strong, fast speed, cornering 300 meters after speed can reach 150km!" he also said that ISG motor responsive, in similar products in the elite.
Cummins collaborative global technology and resources to develop the market of the ISG heavy-duty engine in the CTR competition power Auman GTL domineering performance, once again demonstrates the excellent performance of the heavy truck power leader,.