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Shaanqi and Changsha muck car association signed a strategic cooperation agreement

Author : Qijing Date : 2015-9-14 9:10:53
 On September 6, the Hunan Changsha area of muck car association leaders to visit Shaanxi visits, to jointly explore the steam of short for Shaanxi Province new muck car environmental protection and urban construction issues. Shaanxi Heavy Duty Automobile Co., Ltd, deputy general manager and sales company general manager Zhou Yinzhao, Shaanxi heavy truck Automotive Engineering Research Institute Vice President and sales company chief engineer Shao Guo Qiang, Shaanxi heavy duty truck sales company deputy general manager Liu Xiangtao, sales company general manager assistant sales manager Zhou Qi, Shaanxi Changsha do things, director of the Rong Zhipeng and other leaders attended the meeting.

The meeting, Shaanxi heavy duty truck and Hunan Changsha muck industry association signed a strategic cooperation agreement. After unremitting efforts, will lead to large quantities of car orders. Steam of short for Shaanxi Province Based on Hunan market muck cars and operating characteristics of the regulatory requirements, providing green muck car integrated solutions, customized development for the muck car management system, marking the Shaanxi muck cars have been successfully break into the local government management platform.

To declare war on the haze, not a slogan and call to be able to solve, is the need for government tough measures, enterprise strength, social comprehensive response can be achieved. As one of the causes of haze in urban construction Zhatu transport is to become the top priority of the government regulation, also put forward higher requirements to muck car production enterprises.

As China's heavy truck brought shanqizhongka army enterprise, in view of the drawbacks of the old muck car throwing, throwing, involuntary discharge of urine, leakage ", and government of city muck car appearance and is provided with the sealing of strict requirements. Steam of short for Shaanxi Province launched a new environmental protection, safety and intelligent muck car, not only redefine the city muck car new standard, became the dial fog haze City ambassadors.
Forum, the relevant personnel of the marketing department, sales service department, Deutsche Bank financing lease customers to visit introduced advantages of Shaanxi Auto heavy truck enterprises, service policy, financing and other related content. Yellow for Green Project Manager Liangjian Hunan Changsha muck cars to large customers introduced the automobile model environmental protection city muck car integrated solutions, including in technology upgrades, security services, intelligent, users benefit, social benefit and environmental protection etc., Shaanxi Auto Hunan Changde muck car customers to provide customized solutions for integrated services.

Shaanxi Heavy Duty Automobile Co., Ltd, deputy general manager and sales company general manager Zhou Yinzhao at the forum will thank Hunan Changsha muck Industry Association of Shaanxi Automobile muck car support, Shaanxi will for the association provide more environmentally friendly, more security, more intelligent of muck new environmentally friendly car products together for Changsha City built design service.

Hunan Changsha muck Industry Association chairman Luo said, the reason the made a special trip to Shaanxi to visit, because Shaanxi and Hunan Industry Association jointly developed the muck car runs the standard, the value is Shaanxi environmental protection muck car product quality, plus, we saw two days ago on TV. Shaanqi again in the big parade, the military quality is intangible brand, hope the in-depth cooperation between us, undertake the social responsibility, together for the Hunan blue green water to!