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Renault new fire truck enter China

Author : Qijing Date : 2015-7-24 9:03:22
Brief Renault D series trucks. D series is an alternative to the Renault Midlum medium-duty trucks and PremiumDistribution models. D series has two versions, one 10-18-ton models, called "D-wide", low entry version is named "D-Entry", which is an alternative PremiumDistribution models, the total weight of 18-26 tons. The D series called "new" seems a little inappropriate, because the D-wide still in use Midlum cab. The cab and the new FL and FE cab is the same, except the new family front face, you can easily see the difference between it and the predecessor models, to enter the domestic market models is the D-wide series.

Renault was still unable to accept the new family front face, the design of the beholder wise see wisdom in the matter is not in say. In fact the new D Series Renault a very high degree of recognition, a unique design makes a car in the vast sea can recognize it. Dark gray grille and bumper cohesion very harmonious, irregular headlight impressive. As always at the top center position of the cab windscreen according to the mirror seems to have become iconic Renault truck configurations. In power, D series can choose DTI5 with DTI8 engine, while exports to the country's D-Series truck Renault chose the latter, with a manual six-speed gearbox.

Photos of this Renault D-Series truck has been completed by the ongoing transformation of coat factory calibration, we will soon enter the market. As a city main battle fire truck, Double Cab can bring more fire fighters go, but with a reasonable tank foam and equipment box also is considered an important indicator of a fire truck. Mostly due to the current fire in accordance with the order, so the fire equipment all over the configuration will be different. Today, the protagonist of the front bumper is also fitted with a winch, in accidents and other rescue operations can come in handy.

Renault new D series of interior and compared to the predecessor model Midlum and not much change, still the familiar dashboard, digital speedometer and tachometer with a bezel, oil pressure water temperature in the left three small tables side, underneath a small strip of the screen is used to display traffic information. The monochrome display tachometer on the right side is the trip computer, the driver through the steering wheel to the right of the key operation. But from the point of view photo trip computer has not yet been finished, this part do not know English will undoubtedly cause some confusion driver.

Fire engine market in China, high-end imported chassis has been contested. In the direction of the fire to "high, fine, sharp" development, chassis plays a particularly important role. In this market segment, in addition to six major European DAF brand are products other than supply, and other brand except that Renault has been determined the fire truck chassis specializing in domestic market, the performance of which the name of the new army will be like the Red Door or fire the final say over the country. Incidentally, if the International Truck of the Year 2015, many people concerned about the Renault brand-new T-series trucks will enter the Chinese market ...... very sorry to tell you, no.

Since no news of Renault Trucks in a very long time, so many people mistakenly believe that Renault Trucks has withdrawn from the Chinese market, in fact, not. Related causes since the brand market strategy, Renault Trucks fade out logistics vehicle market, the market turned into fire. Beijing can be seen everywhere in the city main battle fire engine Renault Midlum chassis can prove this point. Recently, a friend of mine in Anhui to take after updating the new D series fire truck chassis Renault, Red Gate domestic new army will have fresh blood to join.