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Diesel Gelling Concerns, Diesel Motorhomes and Twin Turbos

Author : Qijing Date : 2015-7-13 9:30:55
The stock fuel filter isn’t in the best location on new Ford trucks. It’s exposed to the environment and away from any residual heat that might keep it somewhat warm. We’ll assume you already tried replacing the stock filter with a new one, as after the fuel in the filter gels for the first time, it usually leaves some pretty nasty buildup.

There are a number of simple things you can try first, like insulating the filter or parking the truck in a garage. There are also heating blankets or patches from auto parts stores you can put on the filter. Even though it will only keep the outside warm (but it can’t get too warm, as the housing is plastic), it will help keep the fuel from gelling.

If you’re looking for a fix-it-for-good-and-walk-away-type solution, we suggest adding one of the new FASS Titanium series lift pumps. These pumps come complete with a filter assembly and can be ordered with an optional heater. The filters are also rated for diesel fuel and the correct micron filtration, so you won’t have to worry about contaminating your fuel or improper filtration. If the fuel does start to gel, these types of powerful electric pumps can usually push through a partially clogged filter, although we still recommend checking from time to time.

Diesel Motorhome Questions

My friend is having problems with the 400ci V-8 gas engine in his ’83 Chevy C30 step van motorhome. A compression test, conducted after eliminating the possibility of bad ignition wires, bad coil, bad spark plug, and so on, confirmed my suspicions that the engine is on its way out. The 400 V-8 in his motorhome still spins the original and venerable TH400 three-speed automatic transmission. Since my friend makes cross-country trips in this "rolling museum," which has a customized interior and a lot of time and money in it, the appeal of an overdrive transmission and diesel fuel economy is high. His trip costs are now measured in gallons of gas and quarts of oil, which isn't good!
Despite the need to beef up the front suspension to carry the heavier diesel engine, to fabricate new engine mounts and redesign the engine compartment, and even probably redesign the vehicle’s snub-nose front end, this diesel-swap project has appeal. The Cummins 6BT 6.7L, mated perhaps to a 68RFE automatic transmission, sprang to mind as one possible swap. But, are there other promising options?