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North Benz carrying two traction car unveiled Liangshan special car exhibition

Author : Qijing Date : 2015-9-21 8:57:33
September 17th, by the China Association of automobile industry, Shandong Province Automobile Industry Association and the Jining Municipal People's Government jointly sponsored the Eleventh China special car exhibition in Liangshan County Industrial Park Grand opening. Beiben as an exhibitor carrying two models to participate in this exhibition.

The exhibition "new opportunities, a new starting point, a new leap forward" as the theme to show the achievement of innovation of science and technology, to promote new technologies into the butt, to further enhance domestic and foreign vehicle, special vehicle and parts production enterprises, R & D, design and equipment manufacturing enterprises, Qimao company and industry related trade, strengthen technology, talents, information, funds and other aspects of exchanges and cooperation, for enterprises and the market provide a more professional, control the trend, the highest specifications, the seamless connection of high grade national platform, lead, boosting the national special automobile industry scientific development, great strides forward.

With the opening of the 11th China special vehicle exhibition, beiben of two V3M tractor also formally show in front of an audience. V3M lightweight towed vehicle is the North Pennines heavy R & D team to meet the transport logistics market demand and the development of a new narrow heavy truck body. The products, adhere to the fuel-efficient and economical design, equipped with the new Mercedes Benz technology less leaf spring suspension, aluminum alloy fuel tank, rim; at the same time, the assembly lightweight saddle, the safe slimming, making the model to the industry's light truck. With low speed fuel economy, low drag coefficient and low resistance tires and other advantages, and through reasonable power matching all-round guarantee the vehicle fuel saving effect.

The exhibition lasted three days, beiben will to focus the audience show North Pennines heavy truck in the reliability, safety, power and fuel saving aspects of the overall advantages, in the Liangshan the China special vehicle industry base advance north towards the brand image, enhance the North Pennines heavy duty truck and Liangshan region the college car manufacturing enterprises, spare parts production enterprises and trading enterprise of second-hand commercial vehicle of communication and cooperation.