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Natural gas heavy trucks fell 51 percent to reverse the decline hopeless?

Author : Qijing Date : 2015-8-5 9:22:14
 "An nest eggs will survive", dragged down by the sharp drop in the overall market, the domestic natural gas heavy truck market also fell sharply this year, 1--6 per month (statistics according to the Ministry of certificate) only 9335, compared with last year 19028 vehicles fell by 50.9%, reduced by nearly 10,000; natural gas production including trucks Shaanxi Auto, FAW, heavy truck, Fukuda, JAC, North Pennines, Hongyan, etc., most companies also fell sharply.

Dismal market, to all those who are concerned about this market segment poured cold water. Influence from January to June 2015, continued the macroeconomic slowdown, investment in fixed assets in the doldrums, the manufacturing recession and sluggish freight and other factors, the domestic heavy truck market total sales 295,500, down 31 percent, construction vehicles and logistics vehicles market demand for vehicle replacement severely depressed.

Recent hot weather, have turned around "grill mode." Said a "cool down" thing right: the first half of the natural gas heavy truck market fell more than 50 percent, a decline overall decline in the proportion of card market is even higher 19 percent.

Because of the decline is much higher than the industry average in the first half of this year in the overall proportion of natural gas heavy truck market from 4.43% last year dropped to 3.16 percent. Analysts believe that the reason, in addition to the overall market downturn, but also that the (fuel) gas-diesel (oil) spreads continued to narrow.

As we all know, natural gas heavy truck itself is more expensive than diesel heavy truck seven million customers buy the driving force of the natural gas models, mainly the price difference between natural gas and diesel fuel, the greater the spread, the customer to recover the extra cost of ownership and time to profit The shorter; now, getting smaller and smaller gas diesel spreads, the price difference in some areas even have been flat or even upside down, the loss of the advantages of natural gas trucks also reasonable.
And, from 2015, the full year, the gas spread Chai difficult to return to a reasonable level (0.75: 1 and below), plus the sluggish macroeconomic and commercial city, we decided this year natural gas commercial vehicles The decline far more than the industry average. Gas truck market rebound, at least until the next two years.

Dongfeng, FAW, Shaanxi Auto to fourth among the top three Valin

From a market share point of view, despite the sharp decline in natural gas truck market this year, but Shaanxi Auto production and sales continue to maintain the first position in the first half of 2274 and 24.4% share ranked NO.1.

Dongfeng Motor in 1403, 10.2% of trend growth and 15.0% share, a year earlier jumped from fifth to second place in the first half of this year, market share improved 8.3 percentage points. Its status rises, the main benefit several business segments in the east, while the force (including Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Company, Dongfeng Nanchong, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Company special, Dongfeng Liuzhou Motor, Dongfeng Zheng Meng (Shiyan) Special Purpose Vehicle Company, etc.) and the amount of natural gas in small tonnage Dongfeng heavy truck and in light trucks.

FAW Group fell from second place last year finished third, was more than wind. In the first half of this year, FAW and FAW Qingdao total production of natural gas trucks 1075 (down 68.2%), the market share of 11.5 percent, 6.3 percentage points decrease. Valin Star-gas production in the first half to reach 883, contrarian growth of 83.2%, the industry ranked sixth rose from fourth last year, primarily benefiting from its last few pen largest single natural gas trucks. Moreover, Valin posting gains, but also makes the first half year decline in natural gas truck market will not continue to expand.

Incumbents of Chinese natural gas heavy truck heavy truck and Foton Motor (including Auman), gas trucks in the first half of this year production was 768 and 527, a decrease of 67.2% and 72.8% year on year, the decline was very alarming; the two brands half of the market share was 8.2 percent (down 4.1 percent) and 5.6 percent (down 4.6 percent), heavy truck from third last year in the first half of this year dropped to fifth, while Fukuda ranking from fourth fell to sixth.

Overall, taking into account the natural gas trucks abnormal downturn this year, as well as various heavy card companies have around in high-end fierce fighting, natural gas truck market this year is gradually fading from view, the focus of market competition will focus on the production of engine and high-end new product promotion, and heavy trucks.