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How to regard truck parts industry Consolidation

Author : Qijing Date : 2015-8-2 8:42:25
With fuel economy standards across the globe and emissions regulations continue to tighten, which means that car manufacturers need to redesign the car by electric or hybrid drive system that allows the car to become smaller, lighter and better fuel economy. Because green energy wind blowing, the car companies, it is now cost control is not the only problem, increasing pressure on energy conservation and environmental protection, they naturally want their suppliers in this area can provide a better solution Program.

BorgWarner acquisition Remy is a case, in terms of the strength of the traditional powertrain Borg Warner, hoping to "embrace electric powertrain" trend. Currently, BorgWarner has developed E-Boost electric turbine technology, and plans to market in 2016. Saving technology and achieve economies of worldwide demand for, let the car parts industry for further consolidation. BorgWarner CEO James Elie said, "We hope to achieve organic growth, which is the main way BorgWarner future development."

Elie said that with electric cars become a trend, electric and hybrid powertrain is becoming increasingly important, but this one is not BorgWarner's strengths. "As a result, the acquisition of Remy International to effectively enhance our strength in this area." He said. Since the world's major markets increased environmental awareness and increasingly stringent emissions regulations, turbocharged engine as one of the main means of car prices to achieve emission reduction targets, which makes BorgWarner usher in major development opportunities. The acquisition Remy, leaving BorgWarner menace. In addition to BorgWarner, Valeo, mainland China and other parts of the group are also pouring money into research and development of electric turbine technology.

Overweight smart car technology

In addition to the important reasons to promote energy conservation pressure parts enterprise integration, represent the future direction of development of the Internet and automatic driving car parts industry also contributed to the pattern of change. A Smart Car World War II, not only in the automobile companies, parts of companies are started in the middle. Parts suppliers need to continue to overweight the autopilot and interconnection automotive technology, future cars like the i-Pad or iPhone on wheels, a car will have more and more electronic technology, can connect to the Internet, with the other Cars and Car Talk.

ZF spent heavily to acquire TRW, TRW is the fancy autopilot technology advantage in the technical field and sensors, which are key to winning the smart car market. Sommer ZF CEO has said that the acquisition of TRW, ZF will help catch big trends in the automotive industry, such as technology to improve fuel efficiency, safety requirements, and other aspects of the autopilot.

Autoliv's acquisition MACOM automotive business, is also based on the consideration of factors in this regard. CEOJanCarlson the company said in a statement: "This acquisition will strengthen our R & D capability in the active safety market, and will promote the development of the company in autopilot technology."

Borg Warner is the world's leading component manufacturers, the company is the world's major auto manufacturers to provide high-tech engine and power transmission components and systems. Remy International a former General Motors subsidiary, the company has focused on motor and generator technology development and production, technology leadership in the hybrid drive market, the business covering 10 countries worldwide. Through the acquisition of Remy International, BorgWarner hope on powertrain electrification force.

July 13, the United States BorgWarner Inc. announced that it has reached an agreement with the United States Remy International, Inc., will be $ 951 million cash acquisition of the latter, Remy's current market value of about $ 1.2 billion, the acquisition will be held this year completed in the fourth quarter. July 16, Magna International Inc. of Canada and Germany Getrag agreement, the former will be $ 1.9 billion acquisition of the latter price, Getrag current market value of about 2.45 billion euros, the companies are expected before the end of the year to complete the transaction. On the same day, the Swedish automotive supplier Autoliv said in a statement that it has reached a definitive agreement with the US MACOM technology solutions company, with $ 100 million proposed acquisition of the latter's automotive business.

Since May this year, ZF $ 13.5 billion to complete the acquisition of TRW, the international parts industry was a merger together then. Walk since July, the consolidation trend in parts industry further. In just one week, three cases of mergers and acquisitions of large single parts again caught our eye.

Magna is one of the world's largest auto parts suppliers, the company has 316 manufacturing facilities in 29 countries worldwide, 87 product development, engineering and sales centers. Getrag acquisition is part of Magna strategic planning. Getrag is one of the largest independent transmission manufacturer, Magna will be in the bag, hoping to further strengthen Magna's drive business. In addition, Getrag joint venture and has a lot of customers in China, Magna more hoping to further expand the Chinese market.

Not long ago, Magna Yiba most of its interiors business to the world's leading suppliers of automotive interior parts of Spain Anton Salim Group. It seems Magna want to narrow the scope of business, we will mainly focus on the core business. Magna CEO Tang Woke said in a statement: "Recalling the current product portfolio, we realized that to expand Magna automotive driveline business strategy on the top; and Getrag fits perfectly with our strategic requirements . "

Swedish automotive safety supplier Autoliv semiconductor products supplier MACOM automotive business in the bag, MACOM offers a variety of GPS modules and navigation technology for the automotive industry, and have the appropriate technology in the radio frequency and antenna products and other fields. Currently, the business sector a total of 25 employees, annual revenue of about $ 90 million.