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How to nurture new energy commercial passenger

Author : Qijing Date : 2015-8-20 10:28:37
August 11, 2015 semi-annual report released JAC to achieve earnings per share of 0.4 yuan. The second half, JAC still decided in the capital market continues to force, after the absorption of the funds will be used to expand its integration of new energy automotive business. JAC commercial vehicle business in the entire business sector pivotal years continuous efforts in this area, so sales of JAC commercial vehicles than passenger cars have obvious advantages. After this round of financing, JAC continue to invest in high-end and more than half the field of pure electric light trucks, plans to invest about 2.295 billion yuan, total capacity of the single-class 100 000 / year.
JAC executives told the author said that after this round of financing, pure electric light truck production capacity, although planning is 100,000, but this figure needs to gradually complete. In the early days, traditional high-end light truck and pure electric light truck can share a platform for production, will minimize costs.
For automobile companies, how to increase faster its capacity utilization rate, it has been eager to solve the problem of the parties. JAC obviously do not want the market demand has not been enough occasion to give up its excess capacity.
On the other hand, the current due to the national policy guidance, the demand for new energy vehicles increased year by year, the JAC continued good in the field, and put into the main high-end light truck models in the market to become a matter of course.
In fact, as early as in 2005, JAC has been determined in the field of pure electric vehicles, "deep" until 2010, the initial product will be on the agenda of mention. Just, iEV series of previous four generations of products emphasize the development of models for the heavy way, it means JAC platform concept from lopsided. So iEV5 as a positive development platform for the production of new products, in the listing of its significance is far more than a new product so simple, this platform layout for its new energy strategy JAC far-reaching.
JAC of new energy vehicles in the overall strategic thinking, the first use of this platform forward the development of pure electric vehicles, initially to lower the incremental cost to drive on the traditional advantages of light truck products, after, to be the future of new energy passenger car consumer market ripe, from two dimensions of technology and market, the reverse complement its current lack of new energy passenger cars, in order to rapidly improve competitiveness.
Obviously, Dongfeng new energy JAC commercial vehicles remains the basis of the overall strategy, municipal sanitation and urban logistics as its two main markets, the JAC has its own logic. Because of environmental logistics vehicles with mileage and location is relatively fixed, so the objective of the new energy vehicles on the driving range and charging location requirements are relaxed. Compared to private consumption market of new energy vehicles, the market segments or will mature faster.
In the early round of equity investment projects, new energy commercial vehicle market share was more emphasis. After next year of new energy import SUV models, new energy commercial vehicles and passenger cars will be placed at both ends, "balances". On the structure of future products, JAC's plan: to 2025, JAC of new energy vehicles accounted for more than 30% of total sales JAC total production and sales, the formation of energy-efficient vehicles, new energy vehicles, intelligent network linking the common development of the new car pattern.
Goal is good, JAC still need to focus on aspects of future strategy, weigh providers, take two business segments, new energy commercial vehicles to passenger cars "Feedback", need to have a period of time, or "eclipse" of the reproduction, the In the longer term future restrictions JAC of new energy vehicles strategic landing.