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Hongyan heavy truck racing truck China Open

Author : Qijing Date : 2015-8-10 8:58:33
 2015 is the 50th anniversary of the birth of Hongyan Automotive brand, storm Fifty Years, Hongyan Automotive created many brilliant honors, also experienced difficulties and frustrations, but always glorious heritage Hongyan quality. Fifty years Rongguang, Hongyan Automotive increasingly confident in August 7 - the arrival of a great debut on the 9th Chinese trucks Open, heading for the stadium Hongyan Hongyan Jie lion tractor Relay quality interpretation in the end will be tough ʱ??

It is understood that this year's Truck Series (CTR) new appearance, held for the first time in the form of Open, the first multi-brand car, the first time into the professional circuit, the first multi-car racing at the same time start the game, the first time the introduction of European professional tournament hand throughout the competition, the first time the club team competition, presents many new highlights. The same as the first entry of Hongyan Jie lion has underestimated the strength of the car itself and the movement of genes with a strong technical strength, as early as June 1987, on Hongyan car crossing known as "sea of ​​death" in Xinjiang Gurban Old King desert, becoming the first international luxury cars across the desert nation beat the heavy truck, but in the new environment, in 2007 the establishment of China's first heavy-duty commercial vehicle joint venture SAIC Iveco Hongyan Commercial Vehicle Company, the leading European heavy truck technology import Hongyan Automotive, product quality and strength beyond the domestic counterparts.

Hongyan Automotive expedition across the desert and off-road vehicles of different abilities, to participate in the China Open trucks using the road track race, the continuation of the European Truck Contest (ETRC) style, more attention to the vehicle speed and racing skills, challenging, thrilling ʱ?? The Hongyan Jie lion can be described as an expert in this area, the first requirement for a vehicle with a flat top game Cab 4X2 models in reducing weight but also reduces the drag caused by driving resistance, and short wheelbase configuration is also better suited turn in the corners to achieve good performance, play the game in favor of racing skills. Next match itself superior powertrain vehicles, the world's leading European technology engine displacement reached 12.88L, compared to domestic products over rival near the start speed torque 600Nm, this is the venue for the speed to win the race is very favorable, and to Red Rock is currently on the market products whose tractor smooth way version has reached the leading domestic output of 480 horsepower, 500 horsepower car easily meet tournament requirements. (Chinese truck Open F500: meet the requirements of fair events, competitions horsepower vehicle must not exceed 500 hp), while the use of independent Hongyan Jie lion car axles, gear ratio, high reliability, vehicle design and manufacture of adhering to the high-end concept, get good grades into the tonic for the car.

And this quality has also been recognized by the Chinese truck Open, it is understood that this competition a total of eight teams, 13 sets of racing, including three teams, five cars selected Hongyan Jie lion, seen Hongyan Jie lion also had not started the race to conquer the opponent, strength quality is evident.

Over time, strict modified Karzai professional technicians, after 50 years of trials and changing the quality will be the new face of Red Rock appeared on the race track racing, will give China Hongyan Jie lion Truck Race injection an entirely new charm, and look forward to its wonderful performance.