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Hodges Yuasa, Bosch and Mitsubishi to develop new lithium battery

Author : Date : 2015-8-26 8:37:59
Japan's large manufacturers Hodges Yuasa Battery Bosch, MC established Lithium Energy and Electricity (LithiumEnergyandPower) joint venture is developing a new generation of lithium car batteries, it plans to begin production from 2017. "First Financial Daily" confirmed the news from Bosch aspects.

Currently, with a pure electric car with a standard lithium battery charging time shorter distance, only 200 km. The above three companies are developing a new generation of batteries, electric vehicles will make driving distance was extended to 2 times the original. A combination of a new generation of battery Hodges Yuasa and Bosch technology, in the traveling distance double at the same time, will also be downsized.
Electrification will lead the traditional internal combustion engine to a new stage of development, many companies are optimistic about the future of new energy vehicles, and have the layout, especially in the fight for new energy vehicles, the "heart" of battery power is particularly intense. 2014, the global lithium-ion battery electric vehicle production capacity blowout, up 7000MWh (MWh), grew by more than 50%, EVSalesBlog according to sales data kwh of electric vehicles and the use of models with different plug-in cars, the calculated top ten Battery manufacturer rankings, Panasonic, AESC and LG Chem top three, BYD ranked fourth, followed in fifth place after BYD is Hodges Yuasa and Mitsubishi joint venture battery company LithiumEnergyJapan, last year production reached 451MWh, an increase of 54%. As the world's largest auto parts companies Bosch, have long sustained investment in the field of powertrain electrification, the company's average annual investment in research and development of global electric field trip costs around 400 million euros in. Currently, Hodges Yuasa and Bosch, Mitsubishi has "Taoyuan trio", a joint venture company to hold together the development of lithium batteries, which Hodges Yuasa company contributed its experience in battery optimization, improving battery energy storage as well as the mileage, Bosch then share their expertise in battery management and system integration aspects. According to Bosch's plan, by 2020, energy storage batteries will be doubled, but the price is cheaper than the current half.
The moment, the right to speak in order to compete in the field of power battery, the battery manufacturers have to work closely with car companies, constantly seeking to upgrade the new energy battery technology, in which the battery with Panasonic and Tesla, Volkswagen, Toyota, Suzuki and other car firms cooperation, cathode material has been developed nickel cobalt manganese lithium, nickel and cobalt aluminum lithium and other, AESC and Nissan and other car firms, LG Chemical and General Motors, Mitsubishi and other car firms to cooperate, Samsung and BMW, Volkswagen and Porsche and other car firms Cooperation. As the world's only control of both vehicles, the battery, motor, electric control and charging pile core technology BYD is alone had become. In the new energy automotive batteries route, iron battery BYD has been the main direction for the industry to employ more than triple lithium battery, BYD also have in-depth research, trying to breakthroughs in energy density and safety harmonization in the second half upcoming plug-in hybrid SUV Song will likely be the first equipped with three yuan BYD lithium battery models.