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Handle group car network, all car To open Dongfeng automobile market

Author : Date : 2016-9-9 11:08:50
2014, P2P, O2O, B2B, C2C and other emerging pattern began to emerge in the Internet business tide, causing a large number of start-up companies reclaim used-car electricity supplier, the development prospects of the industry a good thing. However, at the end of 2015, Dongfeng automobile market suffered a winter capital, after the winter, can survive very few Internet startups.
As pioneers used car C2C mode, all cars since 2014, was established to advance all the way to the used car market. In March this year, all cars released thousands of the city plan, the official layout open ecosystem strategy for the industry-wide cooperation has made good progress. Up to now, the country has 95 cities traded 18,000 used cars.
What is the after market entry? "Trade is the" all car-founder and CEO Li Jian stressed. August 23, 2016, everyone in the car after the market penetration level has a new movement that reached a strategic partnership with the group car network. By then, everyone covering 300,000 + monthly car depth cues will buy a new car with the experience group car network fit, the two sides shared the used car and new car trading resources, in-depth cooperation in the service and other aspects.
"The current used car market growth rate is low, but the policy environment is changing, the state encourages the development of the second-hand car, electronic business platform needs to integration of online and offline resources, pragmatic business," Deputy Secretary-General Automobile Dealers Association, Luo Lei made the FIG.
Li Jian spoke at the scene, "the entrance of the dispute, the car everyone can cut services are finance, insurance, service and maintenance. I think after the entire Dongfeng Automobile market is not high frequency of service, and the ability to service the product it may be the entrance, nothing to do with high frequency, as the representative of all the car second-hand car trading platform is becoming the entrance after Dongfeng automobile market. "
It is understood that all cars will be on the second-hand car loan business deployment in 2017, lending will reach 10 billion yuan, after-sales service, all cars announced that the year will invest 200 million yuan, the National Co 1000 the offline store, to build after-market service system, provide users with comprehensive after-sales service and warranty.