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Guangqi Hino help fertile elegance Tinto cold chain

Author : Qijing Date : 2015-9-5 8:35:35
 Day: A collection of resources used by the vehicle "car dealers" to "car"

Lift Fenghua Hino Motors, Harbin local truckers almost known to everybody. As a high-end import truck sales and service company, Fenghua Hino with a good reputation, professional service to win, including the oil, including the majority of long-term customer trust and support, especially sales of imported trucks, Guangqi Hino other high-end trucks for the local users with a highly efficient transport.

Since Fenghua Hino operations, the company witnessed users car changes, feeling the truck for the customer transportation to bring influence, this influence also contributed to the elegance Hino for sale truck full heartedly, continue to deliver high-quality, high efficiency high-end trucks. Contact with customers for a long time, the company from the client to get a lot of praise on the sale of the truck, which also sparked praise elegance Hino around the corner, such a good car we can do the transport try?

As we all know, is the most critical transportation vehicles, trucks direct impact on the quality and benefits of logistics and transport efficiency, Hino is for elegance, its sales of Guangqi Hino, import trucks and other high-end truck transport just can play a major role. In addition, the service has a complete system of elegance Hino also guarantees the maintenance and repair of trucks later use, the distance successfully transport the addition of a weight.

Transport The most important is to determine the sources, taking into account local resources are rich in fruits and vegetables, and dairy enterprise base, Fenghua Hino targeted cold chain logistics, combined with the cold chain logistics market more concentrated in the south, the northern cold chain transport market promising, North and South can also communicate with each resource. One spoke, one to Guangqi Hino and other imported cars for the fleet, the collection truck and sales company named one of the "Heilongjiang fertile Fenghua Transport Company Limited" was established in 2012.

Location: super transport team to develop a new pattern of transport

At present, Heilongjiang fertile Harbin Fenghua Transport Co., Ltd. mainly engaged in Guangdong, Hainan, Guangxi, Yunnan, Xinjiang, Shandong, Fujian and other parts of fresh fruits and vegetables, meat, dairy products, ice cream, chocolate, eggs, egg, pharmaceutical agents and other cold chain transport operations, business customers covering large estates, Binxi cattle industry, ruby ​​ice cream, and the way the snow, Zhangzidao, McCann Erickson and other famous enterprises.

Despite entering the cold chain logistics and transport time soon, but the rapid rise in jumping posture fertile elegance cold chain transport. "Our development is very fast, whether it is business or team building has a rapid improvement, especially trucks, in February last year when we only 10 cars, and now has more than 30 units a truck. "According to the deputy general manager of Heilongjiang Woye Fenghua Transport Co., Ltd. Zhao Feng introduced, the company has been able to rapidly develop, thanks to accurately grasp the direction of transport and this by the import of trucks, truck joint venture composed of super-transport team.

Fenghua fertile mentioned fleet would have to mention Guangqi Hino trucks. To know that in the fertile Fenghua imported cars surrounded chariot team, Guangqi Hino truck can play and import truck along with a great responsibility, by the absolutely strength! "Guangqi Hino trucks more practical, inexpensive, and low failure rate, fuel consumption, efficiency, etc. Considering the imported cars are similar, very good. "Sam impartial evaluation for Guangqi Hino also verified its high quality.

It is understood that the elegance of fertile Guangqi Hino truck farthest traveled more than 22 kilometers, there have been no major faults. "Occasionally some small problems, we have a professional service maintenance team quickly resolved, it will not affect transport." Thanks elegance Hino service team, Guangqi Hino and other import trucks in very meticulous maintenance, vehicle In a "keep-generation repair" service concept even more "energetic."

In addition to increasing truck, fertile elegance to the vehicle specification management are also constantly upgrading. "More and more cars, management must be followed on every truck we most advanced GPS installed fuel management system, through control to regulate the use of trucks." Zhao also noted that the installation of the software for traffic The most important thing is how to implement and use, the company with the help of advanced vehicle management software under get a lot of effective management methods to enhance the quality of vehicle management.

Business scope expanded to include vehicles, also contributed to the fertile fields of elegance in a more advanced mode of transport embarked, in 2013, the company began a rejection hanging transport, Guangqi Hino same and other import trucks together Woye elegance "break new ground" no less!

And: Hand Xing Rui combination of logistics and development

From 2012 up to now, not only in the fertile fields of transport Fenghua learned a lot, and wherever the company's fleet has become a beautiful landscape. "Using our own sales of car do the transport, on the one hand on the truck at ease, on the other hand also enhance the brand awareness of the truck after seeing a lot of people will come to see our car, or even to sell the company to do what we understand, Intangibles also make our logistics company and sales company reputation far and wide. "Sam, from the" car dealers "to" car ", the company in addition to disseminate more truck brand influence, but also attracted well-known local cold Xing Rui logistics chain transportation companies to cooperate.

Speaking in cooperation with Xing Rui logistics Zhao introduced, the two logistics companies have a lot in common. "From the development of the concept is concerned, fertile elegance and Xing Rui logistics are engaged in cold chain logistics, people on both sides are responsible for the transport of the spirit of good ideas, goals. Moreover, Xing Rui logistics sales company or our customers, in transport on the train with us the same structure, are made Guangqi Hino, import truck composition. "have the same goals and business, both powerful combination described as" a natural fit. "

According to reports, in August 2013, fertile elegance and Xing Rui Logistics formal alliance, the two companies unified office, unified orders, unified sent a car, unified billing, unified procurement; sub-fleet management, fleet accounting sub-model of cooperation, in particular It is in use on a vehicle almost communion. In addition to the logistics company responsible for both sides trust each other, the hardware support fleet prompted a more long-term cooperation between the two. This made Guangqi Hino and import truck fleet composition has become the pride of both common logistics and transport company!

"We are very happy Xing Rui logistics cooperation, including the deployment of a vehicle, trailer use, can be co-ordinated with the car are the same, and they are in our sales company for maintenance, as well as what is not rest assured it? "Despite the cold chain elegance fertile field by leaps and bounds, but the company is clearly not satisfied with this, the company will focus on the future conduct of fruit transport, efforts standardized transport order, and tap market potential cold chain logistics and transport.