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Guangqi Hino awarded overseas factories turnout Quality Award

Author : Qijing Date : 2015-8-31 8:54:41
August 24, at Guangqi Hino, Hino Motor Corporation president Shiqiao Yasuhiko personally Guangqi Hino Motors Ltd. issued Hino "overseas factories turnout Quality Special Award", which is Guangzhou Automobile Hino has been the quality assurance in achievements certainly, but also the quality of the bus marked Guangqi Hino Hino has fully met global standards. The award is in recognition of the efforts and contributions primarily Hino overseas vehicle and assembly manufacturing facility in product quality improvement made.

Shiqiao president of Guangqi Hino efforts in terms of quality and access to achievements made thanks and praise, and encourage everyone to continue their efforts to adhere Guangqi Hino heavy truck quality lifeline, continuing to provide customers with products and services.
Product quality assurance and improvement is a continuous improvement of the work, we need to invest a lot of time and effort, even based on "years" as a unit statistics. Guangqi Hino Hino always uphold global quality standards, since its inception to carry out quality improvement activities for themselves and their suppliers, and continued to the present.

The first stage, 2009-2010, focusing on the implementation of "quality outflow prevention activities." By the addition of the key points of quality control inspection station, strengthen professional skills training inspectors, organized on the spot to carry out quality and other key work, strict quality control, to prevent undesirable flow to the next step.

The second phase, 2011-2013, "to enhance the quality of manufacturing activity, the eradication of chronic multiple bad." Through the implementation of the independent inspection station for key, difficult, multiple problems FTA survey conducted for the implementation of the change point of management and improvement activities undertaken suppliers and other work, so that the quality has been improved. This stage, truly a "good quality not check out, is produced."

The third stage, 2013-2014, "to prevent recurrence of adverse events." At station set up to prevent erroneous error protection device installed, you can set the error protection device portion of the investigation as well as horizontal expansion, while vigorously promoting supplier improvement activities. After nearly a year of efforts, the quality has been greatly improved to enhance the target data, first proposed the concept of "zero-defect car" that bad or correct any vehicle from production to delivery sales had not happened before.
After years of exploration and to try and enhance activities through a series of quality, Guangqi Hino has established a quality control system of their own. Hino as a global commercial vehicle manufacturer, product quality control has strict standards, Guangqi Hino inherited Hino quality control standards, and based on China's national conditions, the localization on the basis of continuous quality improvement and upgrade for customers providing high-quality, cost-effective, high-return heavy truck products.