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From the tree back to hug after market accessories business

Author : Qijing Date : 2015-8-8 8:50:52
 Facts have proved that the so-called "golden years" for China's construction machinery market overdraft serious than expected, some of the relevant sales statistics from the first half, the market decline further so many companies off guard, even some companies in the first half of a loss situation. In response to the new bureau, it took some hosts manufacturers reduce engineering machinery investment initiatives, they or explore other areas or extending upstream and downstream. In contrast, some of the construction machinery manufacturing enterprises supporting businesses time to change the development strategy, changing the original manufacturers of the situation is extremely dependent on the host and instead put more energy into the after market, I know, some of the early strategic adjustment The enterprises in the mechanical engineering environment recession still achieved rapid growth.

Construction machinery OEMs homely has some of its long-term support of small and medium enterprises, often forming a relationship of interdependence between them with mainframe manufacturers, removing the engine, hydraulic pumps, valves, and other professional and technical requirements of the core components of higher than , many parts manufacturers only available for a specific mainframe manufacturers, this phenomenon is particularly true in the Japanese and Korean companies, and now, a number of Japanese and Korean companies in China production base in the city often gather outside the Association plant batch of domestic investment. This case, the brutal competition in the market in China, it seems not entirely applicable. Chinese construction machinery industry in a period of rapid growth, to find a long-term supply of mainframe manufacturers, for supporting member companies, is equivalent to find a long-term trust in the trees. But now, "tree" smaller, manufacturers can not simply rely on the host for further growth, so the aftermarket and accessories business service has become an invaluable asset.

China's steel industry has experienced a long downturn, a number of steel-related engineering machinery enterprises supporting enterprises can be said to achieve the transformation and upgrading earlier. Daming Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. was established by Da Ming International Holdings Limited investment, including Sany, Zoomlion and other construction machinery manufacturing enterprises, including equipment manufacturing enterprises to provide supporting services, the company has now completed the steel from raw materials to a "private order system "one-stop processing and technical services. Ming Group is a modern integrated steel service companies, with worldwide renowned suppliers and China's largest, most complete specifications spot platform, has become known throughout the country "for manufacturing steel processing distribution center" and "stainless steel, carbon steel spot supermarket chains, "This development model also makes Daming Group in the economic downturn still maintained a rapid growth.