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Ford heavy truck brand network into China will face a test

Author : Qijing Date : 2015-8-17 8:52:35
Ford Motor Company was founded in 1903, it is one of the world's largest automotive companies. Owns Ford (Ford), Lincoln (Lincoln), Mercury (Mercury) and Volvo and other car brands. American Truck main brands are: Daimler - Chrysler's Sterling Fry that (Freightliner) company and subsidiary company and Sterling Western Star truck company, PACCAR (PaccarCorp) company's Kenworth (Kenworth) Companies and Peterbilt (Peterbilt), International (International) trucking company, Mack (Mack) heavy-duty vehicles, Volvo (Volvo) car company, Pekka Group's flagship company. Its engine come from the US engine manufacturer Caterpillar, Detroit Diesel, Cummins, Mack Trucks, Volvo North America Corporation five truck manufacturers.

Ford heavy truck brand network into China will face a test

In 1917, Henry Ford introduced the T-truck chassis is the first designed specifically for truck chassis, at the end of World War II, Ford will attention is devoted to the car market, this historical origins make Ford heavy truck Business so far in the US market is not outstanding, but it is good and commendable in Brazil and other South American market sales performance, however, the overall heavy truck and other big brands still far, such as Volvo, MAN, Mercedes, Scania and other European heavy truck.

Over the years in the Chinese market, Ford share and brand premium not only lower than Europe and America Department of Volkswagen, General Motors brand, but also lower than Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Hyundai and other Japanese and Korean competitors, which is the century-old Ford Global international market position vary considerably far. Ford Motor Company has been present in China and two joint ventures, one holding 37 percent of commercial vehicles Ford car prices Jiangling Holding Company and other parents Chan An Ford Mazda, a tripartite shareholding ratio as follows: 50% of Changan, Ford 35 percent, Mazda 15 percent, and its main products include the Volvo S40, S80L, the new Focus, Mondeo, S-MAX, Fiesta, Mazda and other products.

Currently, Ford in China's strategic goal is to use a variety of models of competitive strategy and tactics on passenger cars and commercial market segments. There CAR, SUV and MPV in passenger cars; in commercial vehicles under the existing circumstances minibuses, the next major push heavy trucks, has yet to set foot in depth into the subdivision, in order to continue to expand in China, product lines simultaneously multiply Suppliers, to consolidate existing and future competitiveness. To ensure that Ford Motor Company has the world's heavy truck field to challenge the strength of all chiefs in China, has changed the competitive landscape in the world especially in the field of international heavy truck giant trucks in China.