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For the acquisition of Gete La Kemerovo Wagner Pa automotive transmission market

Author : Qijing Date : 2015-7-30 10:44:46
After nearly nine years of contact with Canadian Magna International Inc. signed an agreement last year with the German Getrag July 16, it will be 1.75 billion euros ($ 1.9 billion) to buy 100% stake in the price of Getrag. When "The transaction is currently promoting the end of this year can be completed, but the final trading hours node depends on actual progress." July 21, Magna marketing and communications manager at Bo interview with this reporter, said Magna Powertrain Division's features, it is unclear whether the return to Getrag Powertrain Division. Insiders speculate that Magna and Getrag signed global acquisitions, therefore, Getrag in China and Dongfeng joint venture with Jiangling company, should be integrated into Magna Chinese name.

Magna Why acquisitions? Expand the power transmission business

2014, Magna revenue and profit scale global ranking second only to Bosch. Bo told reporters at Magna Powertrain 2014 sales of $ 4.954 billion, accounting for 14.5% of the total company. Magna CEO DonWalker said:. "According to our current product portfolio, we recognize that you want to expand on the vehicle driveline business strategy first, Getrag fits perfectly with our strategic requirements" "DCT representatives Automatic new transmission technology trends, the industry generally optimistic about the future prospects of DCT. Meanwhile Getrag DCT technology is the market leader, but also in the traditional Getrag manual transmission and synchronizer technology has also been the layout. "July 21 Secretary-General of China Li Sheng their professional associations gear interview with this reporter, says that many companies want to acquire Getrag.

Getrag is one of the world's top four transmission companies, second only to ZF, Aisin Seiki and Stuttgart can. Although Magna has a place in the field of transmission, but the transmission markets are not well-known products. November 2014, Getrag CEO MihirKotecha had expected 2019 revenue Magna will reach 50 billion euros, China may become its largest market. "Magna itself has a certain accumulation in the transmission, rear-wheel drive powertrain and other systems." Li Sheng its reporters said that after the acquisition of Getrag, will inevitably enrich Magna Powertrain in the field of product lines, greatly strengthen their competitiveness in the global market, Magna global transmission market is expected to squeeze into the first camp.

Getrag Why sell? Look for a good "husband"

Getrag transmission products, including manual systems, automated manual system, dual-clutch system (DCT), hybrid systems and other advanced drive system. As we all know, Getrag DCT occupy a certain position in the market. According to the assessment, including 700 million euros including debt and pension liabilities, the market value of the company Getrag about 2.45 billion euros. The final price of the transaction will depend on the working capital, other customary purchase price adjustments and so on.

Getrag as an independent transmission company, has 80 years of development history, is the world's leading supplier of drive systems for passenger cars and commercial vehicles. It currently operate 13 factories and 10 engineering centers in Europe, Asia and North America and other nine countries, and its customers include BMW, Daimler, Renault, Volvo and China's Great Wall Motor Company. Statistics show that in 2014, Getrag total nearly 1.7 billion euros in sales. In addition to the financial crisis two years before the 2010 losses, but it has always been profitable. Getrag 2013 operating results worldwide has reached a record high, the transmission sales reached 3.89 million units, of which, DCT product line sold more than one million units.

Earlier media reported that the US auto parts maker Dana in 2000 had purchased a 30% stake Getrag, but 因德纳 filed for bankruptcy protection in 2007 and this part of the shares sold back to Getrag. After Dana exits, Getrag owner Hagenmeyer family had been looking for the next "buyer."

At that time, Getrag has worked with companies such as Magna had contact, but the price difference and gave up. As recently disclosed CEOMihirKotecha Getrag, Getrag negotiations with Magna actually have time in 2089, 2012 Getrag assess how to move forward after the financing plan, the two sides to further increase the pace of negotiations.

What is the impact of the acquisition? Increasing pressure on the independent transmission companies

Transmission is one of the automotive core technology in the future for a long period of time, whether traditional or new energy vehicles cars are not open around the transmission. The world's largest transmission companies are also strong competitors Magna ZF TRW acquired last year; in 2009, Geely acquisition of Australian automatic transmission company DSI; 2011, the Beijing Automotive Group acquired all the equipment and transmission equipment Sweden Weigel the technical ...... worldwide integration transmission service never stopped. Li Sheng their view, from the current industry consolidation mergers phenomenon transmission, the transmission industry is entering a new phase of mergers and acquisitions.

As early as some media reported that in 2011, Dongfeng Getrag Group to acquire a 30% stake. Getrag has two joint ventures in China, a joint venture with Jiangling Motors Group in 2006 co-founded, is currently in the industry developed well, production is relatively large, it consists of four factories, including two plants in Nanchang, Ganzhou plant and in all plants; the other is in October 2014 in Wuhan with Dongfeng Group, jointly established in China to develop production of dual-clutch transmission, capacity of 500,000 units, is expected to start from 2016, a new compact car for the DFG and other products.

The two joint ventures to the Magna drive layout Chinese market confidence. DonWalker commented: "The joint venture is a significant relationship between Getrag Magna offers the potential Chinese business, China is the world's largest auto market and the fastest growing business DCT system market." Li Sheng he thinks, with Gert Mubarak accumulated technology and Dongfeng joint venture Jiangling and strength in the field of transmission, Magna is expected to set foot in the Chinese commercial vehicle transmission market. "Gete La Rumaigena Kerner name, not a good thing for us.

Overall, the autonomous transmission industry is in a difficult period of industrialization. SAIC developed DCT currently only be considered complete, the bulk have been supporting the Roewe. Getrag joint venture in China has a certain reputation, their 'marriage' is bound to the addition of a strong opponent. "Li Sheng its introduction, the next step Magna may consider refining market strategy layout, not only passenger cars, commercial vehicles may also be involved in the future will be even greater pressure on the independent transmission companies.