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Five major weaknesses in the development of China's spare parts

Author : Qijing Date : 2015-8-11 11:57:22
With the rapid expansion of China's auto industry in recent years, the domestic enterprises have begun to appear in the output value of one hundred billion. However, these enterprises are mostly independent auto parts enterprises. Reporters after combing our vehicle group parts and components found that China's vehicle group's spare part is lagging far behind the development of the entire vehicle plate, which is not only reflected in the output value of spare parts and vehicle does not match, but also reflected in its weak development strength, product upgrades slow, unable to support vehicle technology upgrade, market awareness, market response is slow, lack of competitive energy, market, product structure is single, weak anti risk ability, etc..

Become a neutral, comprehensive, professional international component suppliers, China is a lot of vehicle parts and components of the strategic development goals. But at present, most of the enterprise distance to achieve this goal is still very far away. Business is highly dependent on the group's customers, R & D strength is weak, the lack of core, the main products, overseas market development lags...... Is the general situation of the entire vehicle group parts plate.

Business over reliance on the group's customers, is a major feature of China's auto parts enterprises, is also a big problem. This point in the FAW, Dongfeng Automobile Group, the most obvious performance.

Dongfeng is no exception, in the first half of this year, Dongfeng auto parts company to complete the main business net income of 5015000000 yuan, the vast majority of the same revenue from Dongfeng Automobile Group's customers.

On the basis of the group customer have a sleep without any anxiety day, is a true portrayal of many parts enterprises at present in the system. This is not unrelated to the vehicle companies over multi intervention, in fact, in the past ten years, many parts and components enterprises for the vehicle group's dependence status has not changed. And part of the automobile companies depending on their own "children", in the development of either too much emphasis on parts plate to obey the vehicle factory interests, to live up to expectations of children "captive" and restricted external supply, so the loss of market opportunities, or to fail to live up to expectations of children "spoiled", in supporting a flavor protection, so that it gradually lost the vigor of competition. Therefore, we see, in addition to some of the leading enterprises, the current system of parts and components enterprises can only rely on the group order to maintain their livelihood, and some even have become a heavy burden on the development of the group.

Universal joint venture dependency syndrome

For the development of China's auto industry, which mainly depend on joint venture (especially in the car industry), the joint venture of parts enterprises seems to be understandable. Today, our initial joint venture intention does not seem to achieve, with joint development of independent parts industry is also difficult to achieve, in contrast, in the automotive industry to today, the vehicle group internal parts joint venture dependency syndrome seems to be more serious.

In the carding of today's vehicle group parts and components, we can see that the joint venture is still the dominant power of China's own vehicle parts and components, this dominant position is not only reflected in the number of joint ventures accounted for more than the advantages, the high proportion of foreign shares, more reflected in the foreign guest house resources, strong technical discourse, the contribution to the enterprise income. This is not an exception even if the strength of the powerful Chinese domain car is no exception. Even more regrettable, in our country is proud of the field of commercial vehicles, the joint venture in recent years has gradually strong, foreign holdings is the trend.

Why in the large-scale joint venture, the Chinese parts and components will gradually decline? Where is the meaning of the joint venture? This is our country automobile enterprise in its component strategy development, also need to reflect on the problem.
Lack of resource integration is not the main business support

Our country automobile group's parts and components plate construction, mostly follows the "big and complete" mentality development. With the expansion of the entire vehicle customer service, vehicle group's parts business has expanded, but overall, the expansion of these businesses are mostly in order to adapt to the development needs of the entire vehicle factory, the lack of a clear strategic development planning and the actual situation of the enterprise, to do a strong sense of weak. Most of the vehicle companies do not have the core competitiveness of the core business, to achieve the transformation and upgrading of products, supporting the company's future sustainable development.

This is reflected in the market, we see is that the various segments of the auto parts market, whether it is from the market share, scale or technical strength competition considerations, the vehicle group of parts enterprises emerged in the leading enterprises are not many.

However, what is gratifying is that in recent years, SAIC, auto and other automobile companies has been aware of this, and are actively trying to sort out its parts plate, to create future competitive products, and the main business sector. For example, Chinese domain from the overall strategy of the enterprise development needs, and actively explore business restructuring and exit mechanisms, BAIC proposes to focus on creating Inalfa roof, lightweight, intelligent business; Guangzhou is also presented to joint venture and cooperation, independent management as the main line, and gradually build interior and exterior decoration, chassis, power, lighting, electrical and electronic five business systems.
Market is still dominated by domestic international supply capacity is insufficient

Although many vehicle enterprises all of its parts plate set overseas market expansion goals, but within the group parts enterprises overseas market of lackluster performance. In addition to part of the enterprise because of the acquisition of capital of the world's spare parts enterprises, the majority of spare parts enterprises overseas market can be neglected. To the Chinese domain car as an example, its 2014 international market revenue accounted for less than 2%, not to mention overseas market products, service layout. Other vehicle parts and components of the overseas market growth, some of which are with the vehicle exports, some of which is to expand overseas markets alone. This may be related to the pace of overseas expansion of China's vehicle companies, but the lack of strategic unity of the group level planning, not actively promote the expansion of the parts and components of the business sector is not without a relationship.

Fortunately, this situation is expected to change in the next few years, some companies are expected through international cooperation and mergers and acquisitions and other ways to promote its business layout overseas. For example, a wholly owned subsidiary of China's domain extension Feng automotive trim Systems Co., Ltd., will and Johnson Controls in the automotive interior business expand global cooperation. HNC 45 plan also made it clear that by 2020, in 2 ~ 3 segments of the market to become the world leader, group market income accounted for more than 50%. For local parts and components that have been at home, overseas market development is still a huge and complex systems engineering, to become a supplier of spare parts suppliers, and a long way to go.

Development capacity is backward lack of endogenous motivation

In the last two years, the market share of parts enterprises within the system is a new phenomenon in the industry. Under the situation of market downturn this year adjustment, both the FAW, Dongfeng, or heavy truck, Jianghuai Automobile companies, its parts of traditional enterprise market share by outsiders "nibble" phenomenon. And all may be attributed to the lack of endogenous growth momentum in the enterprise itself.

The system is rigid, the management efficiency is low, the product development ability is weak, the market competition consciousness is weak is the common problem of automobile group parts enterprises. Over the years, these have been living in the days of the enterprise in quality control, research and development strength and product quality has been lagging far behind other counterparts. With the increase of vehicle customers' competitive pressure, the supplier is the main reason for the shrinking of the market in the group. And more serious is that many vehicle companies have begun to peel off the core of the parts and components, which means that these in the greenhouse, the growth of enterprises, a sudden sharp competition to face the market, the survival pressure can be imagined.

Create China in the automobile industry, Delphi, Wei Shitong Ma Ruili...... Is one of our own auto industry's dream, from now on, this may also only stop in the dream. If the vehicle group's existing parts and components development strategy is not to change, most of the current situation of the vehicle parts development will not fundamentally change, from the birth of China's vehicle group, the possibility of parts of the aircraft carrier is also minimal.