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FAST: Adversity stimulate new strength

Author : Qijing Date : 2015-7-28 9:19:53
Recently, China's economy continued to increase downward pressure, the severity of the heavy truck market far more than expected. During the year, although by the market to adjust the depth effect, but Fast withstood the severe challenges and tests, the full completion of the objectives and tasks. Compared to OEMs, competitors, Fast remained industry leadership, the Economic Indicators for 10 consecutive years ranked China gear industry first, heavy automotive transmission production and sales for seven consecutive years ranked first in the world. Meanwhile, the state-owned assets continue to increase the value, as of the end of 2012, Fast Group reached 5.354 billion yuan of state-owned ownership interest.

      Fast "product quality" activities as the basic carrier, the implementation of the implementation of the series of major reforms, enhance the management level, multi-faceted initiative to actively seek market opportunities to achieve a stable and healthy new development. Fast deep feelings in the winter market, it is also decisive, timely and correct implementation of strategic adjustment and transition, the development of an effective solution to various problems. After the trough consolidation poised Fast will usher in a broader brighter future.

The direction is clear enough motivation

      In a market downturn, Fast calmly, product quality and in excellent start. Fast scientific use of market adjustment period, in terms of products and management of international and innovative work ethic, changes in working methods, sophisticated management tools, standard precipitation accumulation development, optimizing the quality of development, quality control, product development, manufacturing, marketing management , cost control, project promotion, personnel training and other aspects have made good progress, new organizational structure works well for enterprises to accumulate a strong development potential.
      Wherein, S-than-expected progress of the project so that shite confidence. S project is Fast fully enter the international market, to achieve a major strategic project to upgrade the brand, led by the S Project Office, in close collaboration with various relevant departments, from marketing, technology research and benchmarking to start the international advanced level, and strengthen supervision of the whole process of purchasing items , scientific utilization of resources of both companies, the project achieved a major breakthrough. The first successful trial of S16-speed transmission, the ongoing variety bench, smooth shifting product portability, economy and other indicators have reached and exceeded the level of similar products in Europe and America. In addition, after the test, the noise index also reached the international level of similar products, and has completed 23 patents related to declare the work of many well-known automobile manufacturers paid great attention to S transmission, hoping to production as quickly as possible.

Product layout clearer

      The product is the fundamental enterprise development, Fast product development work last full fruition. For example, die-cast aluminum body to be successful, all-aluminum lightweight continuous product improvement, product performance is more prominent, has favored customers. "The Fifth China International Competition truck fuel economy", the Fast re "saving Achievement Award" and the only "best fuel economy transmission Award", is the industry's only fifth consecutive win of the enterprise.
      "Fast wide-body dump truck mine dedicated 7DS180 transmission development work is substantially complete, the user verification of the good; auxiliary tank helical gearbox began to promote small quantities in the market, its unique advantage to get customers; specifically for the light truck market The 5J30T-B transmission has entered the final stages of the trial, and soon to the market; AMT product has accumulated a lot of feedback data, is now on a number of OEM products in the test and trial; AT transmission independent research and development work is progressing smoothly; Homemade synchronizer market feedback was better than outsourcing synchronizer; retarder remarkable development, the market started the process that has been applied in a variety of low-volume luxury bus; FHB320A independent development in parallel retarder Last year in May to complete the trial, is ongoing vehicle to verify that the product to fill the technology gap, breaking the multinational companies to build intellectual property barriers. Last year's total patent application 79 (including 14 invention patents), business know-how 32, the number is 7 to 8 times in previous years. By the end of last year, has a total of 95 technologies of national patents. "Fast side said. Thus, the company "generation of production, prototype generation, research and development generation, idea generation" product strategy concept been fully implemented.
      Fast Synchronization is a key core components of major projects made in the face of tight, heavy task, the plant surrounding life imperfect difficulties and challenges, Fast strengthen the system construction, attention to personnel training, the combination of technology and quality management, reasonable arrangements for trips, to fully tap the production capacity, and further strengthen communication and coordination of various functional units to achieve efficient collaboration, annual sales of main and auxiliary tank Synchronizer more than one million units, the completion of the design program, involving various types of synchronization products 67 kinds, sales income over 600 million yuan. While the completion of an annual output of 1.5 million sets of synchronous and 5,000 units of production capacity retarder work for the development of enterprises made a positive contribution.
      Special double joint projects are also planned steadily, CX series's first heavy-duty hydraulic automatic transmission assembly line and already have small production capacity, CX28 / CX31 assembly product marketing efforts have also been in full swing, which are special double subsequent development company and laid a solid foundation.

Market Development seeking win

      Fast been able to achieve excellent results in sluggish 2012, effective market development work plays an important role.
      "Fast attaches great importance to customer relationship management, in a 'win-win' target market development and maintenance. In such efforts, new product promotion gratifying, lightweight product sales of more than 35,000 last year, an increase of nearly 200 %, and further enhance the market competitiveness of our products; retarder new products to achieve mass production, and to achieve success in supporting more than 10 domestic OEMs; 20-speed transmission, 10 full-helical gear transmission, AT automatic transmission successfully imported market passenger car sales exceeded 10,000 mark for the transmission, an increase of 75.7%, more than 10 meters bus market share of around 13%, and has been achieved in the field of public transport buses supporting mainstream Changchun, Shenyang, Xi'an, nearly 10 cities, achieved significant market penetration. In the case of a serious decline in construction machinery sector as a whole, the Fast market share is steadily, especially in the field of truck crane expanding market share and achieve rapid growth, and achieved remarkable results. "Fast-related source said.
      Fast structural adjustment of the export business is developing steadily. Companies adjust the marketing strategy to prevent the export business risk, the overall strengthening of the development of new customers and new markets overseas, the export business to achieve a breakthrough restructuring, a substantial increase in the number of assembly products directly supporting OEMs, assembly exports accounted for the proportion of total exports steadily rise in 2012 exports accounted for 40% of the assembly, the highest single-month export product of thousands of units, to achieve international business grew steadily.

Selection of personnel and development

      In the past year, significant progress in human resources management Fast employer forming labor reform program. Further optimized to enhance the recruitment work throughout the year more than 985,211 from the country's 10 key universities recruit undergraduate, graduate more than 100. Selection of more than 30 outstanding employees engaged in important business management functions from the production line, grass-roots management positions in the initial formation of internal competition system; optimization of human resources to achieve results and entered the stage of normalization.
      In addition, mid-level debriefing Fast successful organization, cadre management has taken an important step. 2012 middle-level cadres performance appraisal work has three characteristics: First, full participation, not only is the assessment by each officer is the examiner, the examination results and ensure a comprehensive, real, objective; the second is the power on the other, did not stress and enlarge the company's leadership powers, to fully achieve an open, fair and just; the third is strict reward and punishment, does not compromise the implementation of the commitment, the real practice of the "capable, the levels were so, commonplace, Liezhe elimination" principle. Through assessment, enterprising, innovative, hard work type, want to work, can work, will work to get the cadres and cadres of staff support and advocacy. And that lack of passion, initiative, the Working mediocre, lazy style of cadres exposed to the sun. "The cadres debriefing evaluation demoted a pay cut, elimination rate of nearly 6% of all middle-level cadres in the assessment carried out its own re-examine, to find their own lack of deep reflection and improvement. This cadre assessment was the staff actively support and unite the people, training the team, found a short board, a clear direction, the actual harvest itself far beyond the assessment. "Fast executives said.

Management measures richer

      Wealth management measures to stimulate the vitality of enterprises. In 2012, Fast basic management continuous improvement, cost efficiency and effectiveness of the obvious. Improve the overall budget by optimizing workflow, control and other measures to strengthen key business management, it has achieved remarkable success in cost control. From the system design and operating effectiveness of internal control integrated, Improve, did not find any significant deficiencies, the general also greatly reduced the number of defects. Excellent ongoing performance management, the company won the "National Advanced Enterprise Performance Excellence," the title again, to declare the National Quality Award has laid a solid foundation.
      In quality management, the preparation of the 2012 Fast "total quality management plan" as the company's quality work on the basis of guidelines, covering 42 priorities and 33 quality special training program. Each of the normal and effective quality management system, passed the surveillance audit.
      For supplier management, the company's standard international strengthening procurement oversight, the supplier management system dragnet preliminary diagnosis and repair, the supplier risk assessment, re-examine the rating, focus on building a real-time supplier database upgrade a fine level of supplier management. Strong improvement outsourcing of price management, and supplier of continuous, in-depth communication and negotiation price of 1151 kinds of purchased products prices varying degrees of adjustment, savings amount to about 84 million yuan.