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Eight companies have to build new battery energy vehicles

Author : Qijing Date : 2015-8-27 8:38:51
Repairer wave struck! Recently, in addition to music, as, apples and many other Internet giants announced repairer, the battery, motor and other new energy automotive industry chain also announced that it will continue to build new energy vehicles. Recently, Fluoride obtained through the acquisition of Red Star Auto car production qualification, officially entered the repairer fields. Fluoride In addition, the Shanshangufen, Wulong electric cars, Shandong Thai steam, BAK Battery, western resources eight battery enterprises through mergers and acquisitions, fund-raising and other ways to enter the repairer fields. In addition, a number of days to Group companies also intend to build new energy vehicles.

In recent years, we have for you a summary of the battery business into a new field of energy those "dreams" enterprise.
Recent Fluoride obtained through the acquisition of Red Star Auto car production qualification, vehicle development technology and production process equipment, thus officially entered the repairer fields.
On Xingtai new energy automotive forum August 15, and officially announced Fluoride repairer scheme: at the end of this year will release three new energy vehicles, including private market-oriented Casa electric vehicles, for the field of logistics and transport van for fringe used mini trucks. According Lishi Jiang introduction, three cars will be electric transformation based on existing models, various models to achieve 1000 small-scale production in the year. Also in the technology route, Fluoride choose pure electric as the main direction of development, the future focus on the development of electric passenger car market.
May 5, Shanshangufen announced its intention to use funds raised 2.223 billion yuan for the "new energy vehicles key technology research and industrialization projects", which contains the new energy automobile development platform, the development of new energy vehicle power system platform, LIC (lithium ion capacitor) application development and industrialization of.
Shanshangufen is currently BENZ and BMW electric car battery cathode material suppliers, and with international and domestic SDI, LG, Sony, ATL and BYD and a number of electric vehicle battery manufacturers in close cooperation, and indirect access to international and domestic a number of electric vehicle manufacturers supply chain. The platform for new energy vehicles into the building, but also means Shanshangufen will create new energy automotive industry chain, the progressive realization of lithium battery materials, power battery integration, new energy vehicle development, a complete industrial chain layout marketing integration.
Wulong electric car
Wulong electric cars had the name SINOPOLYBATTERY, in April 2014, SINOPOLYBATTERY Chinese name changed to "Wulong electric vehicle (Group)." New name for new corporate positioning, in line with the company's focus on strengthening the electric car-related businesses new brand. Poly battery business will be renamed after covering design, production and sales of electric vehicles; research and development of lithium-ion battery business, production and sales; and electric car rental.
Wulong electric vehicles in the electric car industry chain, a series of integrated layout. In February 2014, Wulong electric vehicles to invest 2.5 billion yuan to establish a new energy Yangtze Motor Company automobile manufacturing project in Hangzhou, after the completion of the project to achieve an annual capacity of 100,000 new energy vehicles. In early June this year, Wulong EV Group plans to invest 4.6 billion yuan in three phases in the Tianjin Binhai New Area lithium-ion battery production base.
Currently a project has been completed, formed an annual production capacity of 130 million Ah; the second phase of the project has started construction, is expected to put into production at the new 470 million security; three projects put into production is expected to add 900 million Ah of energy ʱ??
Shandong Thai steam
Steam Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd. Shandong Thai rooted in Shandong Thai steam Holdings Limited. In 2006, Thailand began to get involved in new energy industries steam, electric vehicles lithium batteries, electronic control, the motor is the company's leading products. In 2011, the Thai steam into the low-speed electric-vehicle production, set up in Shandong Motors vehicles Limited, is a professional battery, bms, electric vehicles and electric vehicle research and development and production and sales of high-tech enterprises.
Thai steam on their own, independently developed a variety of high-quality electric vehicles, mainly concentrated in the low-speed electric vehicles, high performance space vehicles, coaches, police patrol cars, logistics vehicles, sanitation trucks, special vehicles and other electric products sold to 22 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, and some products are exported to Europe market, lithium battery electric vehicles sold in Canada, the United States, Europe and other regions, the market response is good.
BYD battery products are mainly lithium iron phosphate battery, homegrown based, its battery company in Huizhou BYD and Shanghai BYD, now Shanghai has a pilot line, production capacity of about 40MWh, Huizhou has 10 production lines, production capacity of about 960MWh ʱ?? In the new energy vehicles, BYD e6, F3DM, K9, Qin, Tang and other vehicle models, and sales of BYD Qin has been among the forefront of the sales chart.
Western Resources
December 2014 Sichuan Western Resources announced that the largest shareholder of Sichuan John Hancock intends to holdings of shares to raise funds to provide loans to more than 1.2 billion yuan acquisition of Western Resources Chongqing Hengtong Bus 59% stake and the like.
In lithium mining of Western Resources intends to develop new energy automotive business, in April this year announced its intention to non-public offering of shares to raise not more than 3.618 billion yuan way for the acquisition of 59% stake in Chongqing Hengtong Bus, blend lease 57.55% stake, Hengtong Electric Bus 35% stake in Shenzhen Wuzhou Long Automotive 80% stake in its capital increase and the like. Western Resources, the official told reporters, after the acquisition of the controlling Chongqing Hengtong Bus, Chongqing Hengtong Bus will help expand production capacity, capacity 2015 8000 target.
BAK Battery
September 2014, Shenzhen BAK Battery Co., Ltd., Sichuan Bus Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Sichuan Wo Ka (Holdings) Corporation signed a cooperation agreement with the county's investment, plans to invest 3 billion yuan, the new new Economic Development Zone in Sichuan Dayi Energy Bus and core components industry base.
Currently landing in Zhengzhou Zhongmou BAK new energy and new material industrial park currently under construction in Zhengzhou, including BAK Battery Co., Ltd. with an annual output of lithium-ion battery AH 1.168 billion construction project, Zhengzhou BAK annual 50,000 new energy vehicles, electric cars, BAK (Hanfeng) Technology Park, BAK (the record) Pioneer Park and BAK public rental five projects with a total investment of 5.86 billion yuan, covers an area of ​​1400 acres.
Currently, BAK Jiangxi Anyuan Bus Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has jointly developed ten balance of different types of new energy bus, including hybrid buses, gas-electric hybrid buses, electric medium and large buses. Wherein the four models have been national access, the other models have been off the assembly line, most complete national stereotypes test.
Wei Li billion
Wei Li billion is one of the leading domestic lithium battery business, has a wealth of experience in management and manufacturing of lithium batteries, Guangdong Province, the ability to develop new automotive project's main support unit. The company in May 2012, a joint venture in Guangdong billion Wei Sainz New Energy Systems Limited. October 2012, the company completed the extended-electric passenger vehicle output, and started trial operation in Huizhou Zhong Kai Hi-tech Zone bus lines. , It can be sold through the company's electric vehicle test, and successfully entered the MIIT announcement directory (batch 249), which marks the company's extended range electric vehicle technology has matured.
Days to the Group
Days to the Group will also enter the new energy automobile manufacturing. Days to the Group chairman Zhang Tianren revealed a few days ago, along with the construction of electric vehicle charging pile gradually improve, the Group does not rule out future days to enter the new energy vehicle manufacturing end. The future, as technological breakthroughs, the state encourages the development of new energy vehicles will support the different routes and battery technology, electronic control technology. The Group will continue to strengthen days to make lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries and other technology projects, does not exclude the conditions are ripe repairer. Specifically, the step plan, step by step, from low to high technology route, with compatible.
Since 2015, is also growing as a series of preferential policies for new energy vehicles, landing, new energy automobile market, according to the Ministry of Statistics data show that from January to July 2015, total production of new energy vehicles 98900, an increase of 3 times. Faced with this huge new energy vehicle market, in addition to have entered a new energy vehicles in the field of conventional depot outside the camp, a new face of cross-border companies are also eager Fluoride, eight battery business has a round through a variety of ways They repairer dream, intends to enter the field of new energy vehicles and a number of days to the Group companies repairer dream be far behind!