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Dongfeng to build the most competitive vehicle chassis

Author : Qijing Date : 2015-8-12 8:30:22
Recently, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Company was held in Shiyan first cold chain logistics industry forum, the event invited the national cold chain logistics and transport companies, cold chain logistics and cold chain logistics converted enterprises users, with focus on "scientific and technological cooperation win-win" themes, interactive dialogue to discuss the development of the Road of the cold chain.
    Dongfeng commercial vehicle truck crane logistics industry first forum opened in Shiyan, companies from the country and adapted lorry crane manufacturing industry, and experts in charge of hundreds of people who participated in the discussion forum. Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Company, Dongfeng professional use chassis mounted coat industry professional advantage, to create the most competitive private-vehicle combinations.
In these promotion conference, Dongfeng chassis as standard are highlighted, showing the strength and Dongfeng commercial vehicle Dongfeng modified adaptability. Dongfeng special vehicle chassis chassis Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Company is dedicated in the research focused on the dozens of companies, based on modified for the user's needs and design.
Dongfeng chassis has the following characteristics: chassis layout clean, reasonable space reserved for the most modified; chassis components are below the frame plane; frame wing surface without rivets, pieces of face position standardization; reinforced front axle, axle load distribution more reasonable; optional pre-muffler, full power PTO, vehicles meet the requirements; wind mature 6-speed gearbox, optional PTO; PTO, throttle and other convenient remote electrical modifications to the interface; wheelbase series, fully meet the needs of different modifications.
Dongfeng cab to 2.2 meters and the third year, the National IV emission engine as the main platform flags, 8-16 tons total weight, including more than 40 varieties of highway trucks, construction vehicles, special vehicles chassis and other power covers 140-270 horsepower, and national emissions to meet the country Ⅲ Ⅳ stage requirements, suitable for urban and intercity goods transport and municipal sanitation vehicles. Dongfeng Dongfeng Cummins engines used ISD series engine, Dongfeng self-developed EQ4H engine and LNG engines.

According to reports, in addition to outstanding performance in terms of environmental technology, the Dongfeng commercial vehicle Dongfeng also maintained consistently reliable, safe, fuel-saving features, with strong bearing capacity and motivation. It is particularly worth mentioning is that, compared with similar products, Dongfeng has significantly improved handling and ride comfort aspect. Currently, Dongfeng cab ride lying in space, tightness, seats and other aspects of the mobilization of the range of the leading domestic level.