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Dongfeng tire is undergoing the process of rise of great powers

Author : Qijing Date : 2015-9-2 8:43:43
 2015 is the 100th anniversary of the birth of China's rubber industry. Hundred years, Chinese tire industry from scratch, from small to large, and gradually become a labor-intensive, capital-intensive, technology secret in the world rolled into tire manufacturing base. Widely circulated in the "World of Chinese tire" is on the image of the world's first tire Powers explained.

After several generations of hard work and the people tire tenacious struggle, the Chinese tire industry to achieve from the weak to the world Evolution tire industry big country and take power in the pursuit of the dream of the tire on the road.
History of the development of Chinese tire industry, such as production of bicycle tires from 1915 date, there are 100-year history; from 1934 production of automobile tires date, there are 80-year history. In 1964 and 1982 the country has independent research and development, production and all-steel radial tires and steel-belted tires. Despite a late start, but the development of fast, all-steel radial tire 30 years, semi-steel radial tire in just 20 years, China had become the largest producer of tires.
Chinese steel radial tire after a high-speed, heavy-duty test, the performance has reached world advanced level; the car has achieved tubeless radial tires, wide cross-section, flat, high-speed, closely follow the international trend of safety, energy conservation, environmental protection and green tire It has also been steadily into the international market and recognition; giant OTR radial tire breaking the monopoly of foreign technology and equipment to achieve the industrial production; aviation radial tire to achieve a breakthrough.
Eve of the founding of New China in 1949, only about 30,000 Chinese car tires per year. After the founding of New China, the country fully support the tire industry to restore and expand production, active cracking technology, equipment, raw materials and funding problems. By 2014, the national tire production reached 562 million, of which 511 million radial tires.
After nearly a century of development, China has undergone tremendous changes in the tire industry, rubber industry has become a pillar of development. Tire industry output value and sales revenue accounted for 60% and 65% respectively of the rubber industry. Tire industry contribution to national GDP was 0.9%, the contribution to the state's tax rate was 0.18%, employment accounted for 0.58 percent of the country. Rubber tire industry has become the driving force of economic growth in the industry, stimulating the natural rubber, synthetic rubber, rubber chemicals, carbon black, rubber machinery, tire mold, tire retreading, tire waste utilization, logistics and environmental protection, the development of related industries and workers Employment.
Since 2005, China's automobile tire annual production for 10 consecutive years ranked first in the world to form a variety of products complete tires complete industrial system, the world's largest tire producer and consumer countries. In addition to products to meet domestic demand outside, about 40% are exported to over 200 countries and regions of the world.
Through the efforts of several generations, Chinese tire industry entered the ranks of the world's great powers tire. However, it must be soberly aware that China's tire industry for many years potential deep-seated structural contradictions increasingly apparent, and become the bottleneck of development.
As the disorder has led to low-level redundant development products structural surplus; two out of the industrial structure to develop a great deal of risk, natural rubber, 80 percent dependent on imports, and the tariffs of up to 20%, imports faced adhesive standards change, tire exports continue less tire medium and small enterprises co-exist, cohabitation, the market is not standardized, there is no bank and combined with a large group in the true sense, go out of business; face trade friction, the international tire market weakness; for the Chinese tire industry in China has not been to create an upgrade from , has not yet reached the international, globalized level.

In short, the Chinese tire industry to the world powers, to give the power of the industry's outstanding scientific innovation, accelerate the pace of transformation and upgrading, increase the amount by a simple turning inward to improve quality. On the current perspective, China's tire industry, although facing many uncertain and unstable factors, but also to the courage to face all kinds of challenges, the courage to play, the whole industry to overcome various difficulties, hard work, strive for the early realization of the tire industry powerful dream.