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Dongfeng gearbox security will be trick

Author : Date : 2016-9-6 10:30:38
The gearbox is a core component of the vehicle driveline, transmission problems caused by the vehicle is likely to lead to fatal car crash, choose excellent quality, good brand reputation, high quality service of transmission, but also concerned about the quality of vehicles each person must choose a car study important parameters.
The following security Dongfeng gearbox will be trick, for example, start a discussion!
A. Seal logo:
Gearbox assembly stamp: from the forward-looking, in the case in the top right plane, on-line order number, month, type codes; the top left corner, qualified sequence number in the month, inspectors and other types of codes. The size of the stamp characters: Seal using GB 3 (or 4), Times New Roman (or italics) characters.
B: nameplate:
In the assembly or the upper side of the housing cover assembly stick nameplate, the nameplate: species, the ratio, fuel, Dongfeng Motor Transmission Co., Ltd. Another: Where Dongfeng Group play nameplate judged as the company's products.
C: certification mark:
Gearbox assembly cover sticky certificate, certificate content: Variety, manufacturing standards, date of manufacture, the inspector stamp, Dongfeng Motor Transmission Co., Ltd.
D: Appearance:
Gearbox assembly appearance camel yellow spray paint.
Dongfeng more security will gearbox will trick you GET it? Finally, a reminder, due to the Dongfeng Peugeot AL4 automatic gearbox design flaws, major equipment models for the 2005--2014 production of the Peugeot 206, Peugeot 307, Peugeot 408, will appear after general use 3 years or 50,000 km range from engine idling, driving swap file. It is not recommended to choose Peugeot AL4 automatic transmission. But Dongfeng manual gearbox or reliable.
The gearbox is tight inferior engine second heart, a good choice of Dongfeng gearbox assembly and accessories in favor of vehicle safety, improve vehicle performance, to enhance driving comfort. Dongfeng gearbox security, my company and your rights together.


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Dongfeng gearbox security will be trick
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