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Dongfeng commercial vehicle with three main car auto show

Author : Qijing Date : 2015-7-17 8:38:34
 As China's leading medium-duty truck maker, dongfeng commercial vehicle co., LTD., with its three main models in the 65th Hanover, Germany commercial auto show. Dongfeng tianlong flagship of the debut show, dongfeng tianlong and dongfeng days kam, three main models, covering the CARDS, CARDS in each period, can satisfy the long-distance efficient transportation, long-haul regional transportation business. The move as part of the dongfeng commercial vehicle company's global strategy, further enhance the global recognition of dongfeng truck brands.

The dongfeng commercial vehicle co., LTD. Of the three models are respectively dongfeng tianlong flagship 6 * 4 tractor, dongfeng days kam rapid logistics transport vehicle, dongfeng tianlong 4 x2 tractor. The three models are equipped with beidou navigation satellite system (GPS) compatible, including yellow dongfeng tianlong flagship in booth stand, it is equipped with air suspension, brake disc, stable electronic brake system, electronic device, vehicle, engine braking, retarder network architecture and other advanced configuration, emissions to the five standards; Dongfeng days kam carriages using thermoplastic composite materials, environmental protection, renewable, lightweight); Dongfeng tianlong with air suspension, such as disc brake configuration.

"Dongfeng commercial vehicle co., LTD is one of the leading truck brand in China. We have a foothold in southeast Asia and other strategic market further, our strategy is to continue to develop new markets. We hope that by attending the Hanover commercial auto show, on a global scale to promote dongfeng commercial vehicle brand and products, development of good cooperation partner." On September 24, dongfeng commercial vehicle co., LTD., general manager of Huang Gang commercial auto show in Hanover said at a news conference.

Dongfeng commercial vehicle brand a household name in China. Research and development of history, dongfeng 2.5 ton truck EQ240 finalize the design, in the 70 s - 80 - s has been hailed as a hero with "car" of national defense construction. In the late 70 s, dongfeng 5 tons the EQ140 truck, early development through the comparative analysis with the international well-known brand truck, in the 80 s, technology upgrade, twice account for two-thirds of domestic road transportation market at that time. In the late 80 s, dongfeng 8 tons of diesel flat EQ153 listed, filled the gap of China automobile "deficiency". During the 90 s, the "wealth flowing across the open BaPingChai," widely circulated between clients. Into the 21st century, under the background of international cooperation in the development of 10 years, dongfeng commercial vehicle's first real sense of "dongfeng tianlong" new generation of heavy card products listed, dynamic range covers 260 horsepower to 420 horsepower. In 2008, dongfeng new generation card platform in dongfeng days kam. The Shanghai international auto show in 2013, dongfeng tianlong flagship publication. Draco's flagship high-end heavy card, grasp the development trend of heavy card, with the strict European standards for new development, aiming at efficient long-distance transportation market, will become the new market benchmark.

Dongfeng commercial vehicle co., LTD., for the first time the Hanover, Germany commercial auto show, the exhibition area of about 700 square meters, is located in 17 pavilion A27 booth, bright colors, its contracted booth layout style and the spread of a variety of ways of dongfeng commercial vehicle brand information, make the audience vivid understanding of dongfeng commercial vehicle brand story. Especially with China wudang kung fu performance, but also attracts many international audience and the media. Press conference on 24, dongfeng commercial vehicle from domestic and overseas dealers and partners, suppliers, media attention.