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Dongfeng commercial vehicle 4s truck in Hong Kong,

Author : Qijing Date : 2015-7-16 9:04:42
October 18, dongfeng commercial vehicle launch and east motor co., LTD. 4 s shop opening ceremony held in Hong Kong, dongfeng commercial vehicle in Hong Kong in the first 4 s store was put into operation. Developed by dongfeng commercial vehicle emissions of the five goods - dongfeng tianlong 38 tons of tractor and dongfeng days kam 16 tons of truck formal sales and service in Hong Kong and Macao regions.

"Hong Kong truck market, although the volume is not large, but we still very seriously." Dongfeng commercial vehicle Huang Gang said general manager. Because Hong Kong is near China's unique advantages, it is typical of the right car and high-end market, dongfeng commercial vehicle to Hong Kong as a bridgehead to exploit the southeast Asia and other international market.

The sales model is introduced to Hong Kong and Macao market east dongfeng commercial vehicle and auto company after more than two years of time Shared verification and repeated testing of product configuration. The model from the vehicle configuration, has made significant improvements in such aspects as performance, reliability, and combined with the laws and regulations, road surface property of the Hong Kong and Macao regions, habits, use and maintenance costs and so on has made the best configuration. At present, the east wind days kam 16 ton truck series has three different wheelbase models to choose from.

East auto 4 s shop, new has a repair shop and service team, equipped with advanced testing instruments, at the same time 24 hours of local and cross-border services to provide customers with worry-free after-sales support. Supply cost of parts and also for the customer to reduce maintenance costs, to provide a strong guarantee. Tungtay cars also provide for the customer purchases, from consulting, mortgage, insurance, modified, the Trade - in,maintenance and other one-stop professional services.

According to introducing, tung tai automotive co., LTD., founded in 2012, in those days in December and became China's dongfeng commercial vehicle co., LTD. In Hong Kong, Macao area agents. The company has more than 20 years of experience in sales of commercial vehicles, and as the first company to take the lead in the Hong Kong commercial vehicle 4 s professional service concept into Hong Kong, Macao region car agency.

Dongfeng commercial vehicle co., LTD., the pace of the brand globalization is underway, j., from Hanover, Germany international commercial auto show ended, to alicante Spain first kick-off Volvo universal sailing competition, dongfeng commercial vehicle have stood on the wider let more people focus on the international stage. Of course, this is only the beginning of the "dongfeng commercial vehicle brand internationalization of chasing dreams.

Dongfeng commercial vehicle co., LTD will become the dongfeng group and Volvo group joint venture company, dongfeng and Volvo is the purpose of the strategic cooperation in order to establish a trust and win-win, powerful alliance of commercial vehicle, and support their global strategy. After the joint venture dongfeng commercial vehicle will further strengthen the dongfeng brand medium-duty commercial vehicle business, together with Volvo in the technology and resources, accelerate the globalization of dongfeng brand development.