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Dongfeng auto parts business to accelerate the integration

Author : Qijing Date : 2015-8-7 8:27:39
     Recently, the Dongfeng Technology (600081) announced that the 65% stake in the former controlling shareholder of DFL will hold all transferred to DFL's Dongfeng Automobile Components (Group) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Dongfeng spare parts"). The transfer marks the Dongfeng Motor Group's internal asset integration further, DFG parts business as a whole is expected to accelerate the pace of listing.

    ■ Dongfeng parts business began market-oriented operation

    It is understood that wind technology has become the controlling shareholder Dongfeng auto parts, spare parts by the Dongfeng Motor Co.'s business units, the transition from the original parts management sector alone have assets of Industrial corporations. Its inception, the company has 15 branch offices, located in Shiyan, Xiangfan, Wuhan, Suzhou, Shanghai and other places.

    Dongfeng spare parts business, including suspension bearing systems, steering systems, engine thermal systems, automotive electronic control modules, most of these businesses is the core technology business. Dongfeng spare parts except for the Dongfeng Group's automobile companies supporting, but also supply to other car companies, external business for more than two-thirds of total business.

    The establishment of Dongfeng spare parts established corporate governance structure in the true sense, the rapid response of the market to build decision-making system, to achieve the allocation of resources by business characteristics parts, components and vehicles to promote the harmonious development of the cause.

    General manager of Dongfeng Motor Corporation, party secretary Xu Ping, chairman of Dongfeng Motor Co., said: "the establishment of Dongfeng Motor Parts (Group) Co., Ltd. is a major adjustment Dongfeng spare parts management system on the Dongfeng Motor Corporation is to continue to deepen reform to speed up the bigger and stronger parts business, a major initiative to promote the rapid development of wind components business will have a significant and far-reaching significance. "

    ■ acquisition of wind technology is the inevitable integration of resources

    The east wind technology acquisition component accident, but bigger and stronger DFG parts business inevitable choice, is a integration of internal resources.

    The rapid development of China's auto industry today, China's overall level of development and auto car parts industry compared to developed countries there is still a considerable gap. Over the years, the slow development of China's auto parts business, few can compete with multinational parts giant large parts enterprises. It is understood that the total number of China's domestic auto parts enterprises of nearly 20,000, but 80% of enterprises in the industry sales income of less than 100 million yuan, with patents companies less than 20%. The most prominent problem is that parts industry concentration is too low.

    Meanwhile, the face of an attractive outlook for China's auto market, foreign parts giants continue to penetrate the Chinese market, China's domestic auto parts enterprises making more difficult situation. Data show that foreign parts enterprises already have three-quarters of Chinese market share, and some core components has reached more than 90% market share.

    China's auto parts industry resource integration is imminent. Similar Dongfeng such a large auto companies, by creating the core components of large companies to enhance overall competitiveness, not only conducive to their own, but also conducive to the overall development of China's auto parts industry.

    Insiders pointed out that, through the acquisition of wind technology, the DFG will be more focused on internal parts resources, scale advantages east parts of the industry platform more apparent.