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Dongfeng Motor devaluation EURO IV light dump truck

Author : Qijing Date : 2015-7-31 9:39:30
Ministry of Industrial Policy April 23 release of the "People's Republic of China and the Ministry of Information Industry Bulletin No. 27", said it would 31 December 2014 repealed apply to the third phase of the national vehicle emission standards for diesel vehicles Products "announcement" , from January 1, 2015 the full implementation of national IV emission standards. This means that the country, three trucks will gradually withdraw from the market.

How to reduce haze pollution? Reduce vehicle emissions has become one of the important measures. Recently, the Dongfeng Motor Corp. dealer - car sales Ltd. Wuhan Silversea sales exhibition hall, the implementation of the 2014 China IV standard light dump truck models dressed appearance, in which 21 units to be delivered certain group of customers . This is the first launch of Dongfeng Motor State IV emission standards for light truck, equipped with a high-pressure common rail EGR engine and after-treatment systems (POC + DOC). This initiative will help reduce emissions of particulate matter PM2.5 vehicle to improve the urban, suburban and rural air quality contribute.

Comply with requirements of the development, Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. Following the foundation in 2013 to launch the country four vehicles in urban areas and inter-city truck on stream recently in light dump truck in suburban areas and rural customers as the main target market and then also launched the " Dongfeng Rio "490 power section of the country four models, the follow-up models will be launched in four countries 4100-6105 power segment. In addition, the "Dongfeng Rio" on the basis of generation Dongfeng light dump truck on the new upgrade, to achieve a reliable, comfortable, three breakthrough quality services, since its launch, sales have exceeded 2500, became a high-end customers to buy light ideal model dump truck.

As a large state-owned domestic automobile, Dongfeng Motor Corporation on April 18 at the Beijing auto show released a "and" as the theme of the corporate culture strategy, one "and" the connotation is "our natural fear of Heaven", advocating environmental protection. "Dongfeng Rio" national launch of four light dump truck, that is, Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. develops, manufactures energy-saving cars, to promote the development cycle, low-carbon development, the pursuit of business and nature, harmony between man and nature powerful Interpretation and evidence.