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Dongfeng Kinland Cab detailed analysis

Author : Qijing Date : 2015-9-6 8:48:01
From June 2006 Dongfeng D310 Denon series heavy truck listed so far has been more than five years, to get the country and users around the world the recognition in the five years of the time, but now there are still many intend to buy Denon heavy trucks friend asked Denon related matters, in particular aspects of Option Denon cab there are many questions and many friends, I specialized in this detailed interpretation of sections of the driving Tianlong heavy truck configuration option.

    Dongfeng heavy truck cab is then synchronize the introduction of Nissan Diesel old (Quon) technology and to make improvements in a luxury Dongfeng cab for the Chinese market, we start to compare the appearance of old and Denon yield difference under the sun:

   Tianlong heavy truck cab and Nissan's style is very similar to that in domestic facelift done nothing more than a front cover grille and headlight shape, etc. These details were altered slightly, especially symmetrical shaped crystal headlamps become the point of crystallization of the pen.

    The most important change Tianlong heavy truck course, not just the appearance of the details of these aspects, but the sleeper to a reasonable extension, and does not affect the appearance of coordination, so far also made models of the cabin more spacious and comfortable. We can say that this change is still very necessary, seen from the sales of such changes Denon also been authorized users.

   Denon cab categories:

   Tianlong heavy truck cab is divided into three series,
   In these three cab S-type and L-type main difference between the sleeper width: S-type sleeper for the 650MM, L-type sleeper for the 837MM

   The main difference between the L-type and H-type flat-top and high-top, the same sleeper width: H type under the sleeper berth for the 837MM to 740MM
    Cab trim levels:

    After talking with the cab type, look at the difference in the cab interior configuration, all three forms of the cab were also divided into standard, comfort, luxury three levels.
 1. Standard interior cab

    Standard interior cab (S1, L1, H1) is a well-known product, the current market is the largest holdings. Standard interior cab for the introduction of the main features of channel-type instrument panel, mechanical damping the driver's seat (seat without the headrest adjustment, without lumbar adjustment) sleeper seats and an ordinary woven fabric fabrics.

    Standard manual lifter, optional electric glass lifting device (Note: to sell electric models on the market now lifter has begun to spread, and instead require manual option), where H1 is not high roof cab sunroof translucent skylights can only open and airy iron.
2. Comfort Cab Interior

    Charming interior cab (S2, L2, H2) the same as the channel-type instrument panel, mechanical damping the driver's seat (seat headrest back integrated design including headrest adjustment, including lumbar adjustment) sleeper fabrics knitted fabrics ʱ??
3. Luxury interior cab

    Luxury interior cab (S3, L3, H3) for the wraparound instrument panel (with Nissan Diesel using the same old design), airbags damping the driver's seat (seat headrest backrest including headrest adjusting integration design, including lumbar adjustment) sleeper fabrics knitted fabrics. And with the sleeper air conditioning vents, vehicle driving comfort can be greatly improved.

    Standard electric glass lifter. Wherein the H3 high standard as a matter of top drivers manually open glass sunroof, optional electric sunroof open and insect nets.
Distinguish from the appearance

● Cab difference attachments
    Dongfeng headquarters in Shiyan specialized department had a difference of conversion, and modifications can be optional according to different needs of users, where the need to remind the user to prepare the car, when you need a certain standard models do not feature announcement can follow On the local dealer, after mentioning the difference out of the car directly to refit Section of attachments. Such as changing body paint, optional oversized fuel tank and replace other brands of tires, rims and so on.
    Denon Double Cab comes standard on the seat, such as the need in the middle seat and three vehicles need to carry, when the home, then the difference can be modified by adding the middle seat, channel-type instrument instrumentation interior vehicle trim and surround This modification can be carried out.
    Users can export models in the optional configuration of the triangular compartments, so that we can effectively use the spatial position of the. Careful users may have found in a long series on Nissan Diesel changed the original model comes standard with a storage compartment already.

    Denon body also provides free cab rear window selection, but the bulk of domestic users need to purchase orders.

    Tianlong heavy truck body color option is also very rich, standard metal exterior colors include: baht light molybdenum red, Dunhuang red, mint green, Mercedes blue, black, diamond blue, silver gray, Champagne gold. Standard general body color have: white jade, Dongfeng blue, engineering yellow, orange and so on.