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Dongfeng Hand States to electric cars

Author : Qijing Date : 2015-8-24 8:29:36
Recently, the Dongfeng Motor and the National Electric Vehicle Sweden Limited can formally signed a strategic cooperation agreement, the two sides will expand cooperation in the field of new energy vehicle technology, and actively promote promote pure electric and extended range electric vehicle research and development, the use of advanced vehicle technology platform, purchasing and marketing resources, speed up the industrialization process of new energy vehicles. Market analysts pointed out that, through the joint venture Dongfeng Motor, the group can borrow each other's help and enhance the country's energy revamping its own brand in overseas markets; at the same time, the country may be able to accelerate the layout of the Chinese market by the Dongfeng to improve in China market competitiveness.

It is understood that the country can electric cars by Guoyankeji Group Limited (Development Research Center of the State Holding), Bo Hua Investment Co., Ltd., a state-owned investment holding company registered in Sweden. In June 2012, the country can acquire a Swedish Saab Automobile core assets, technology and intellectual property, including the acquisition of Saab Automobile Co., Saab Automobile Powertrain Co., Saab Automobile Mould Co., Ltd. assets.

According to the agreement signed by both sides, it can help the country carry out its own brand vehicles Dongfeng revamping overseas markets, in order to enter the European market meet the regulations and technical specifications, support Dongfeng Automobile dealer system can be developed by countries in Europe and North America and other important automotive market. And, the development potential of the two sides with overseas auto markets, led by China Auto Parts invest and build factories overseas, to set up vehicle Dongfeng brand car factory basis in the countries concerned, to achieve Dongfeng vehicle, parts production internationalization.

Analysts pointed out that the domestic car prices, new energy vehicles, not out of Dongfeng leadership, rapidly enhance its own brand of new energy technologies through the country to the level of soft power, speed up its own brand of the road to open up overseas markets. At the same time important initiatives, among which is the backbone of China's large state-owned enterprises and state-holding enterprises outside China, to carry out complementary advantages, mutual cooperation, coordination of international resources, promoting China's auto industry "going out".

Dongfeng Motor, general manager Zhu Fushou said, and the country can carry out strategic cooperation, mainly optimistic country to intangible assets, including the original Saab has developed for decades R & D center, Phoenix 93 platform and so on, these are urgent Dongfeng currently restructuring and development need.

At the same time, the country through this strategic cooperation, Dongfeng Motor will support its construction in Tianjin, new energy automotive R & D and production base, including support for the country can take advantage of Dongfeng Automobile parts supplier system to achieve scale procurement cost advantage; and Dongfeng Business providers to carry out docking system sales and service system; Dongfeng will also support the country can achieve the new energy automobile company vehicle mass production.

"Dongfeng in China with a complete system of parts suppliers and distribution service system, to support the country to new energy vehicle technology, as soon as the ground." TNB chairman Jiang Dalong representation. It is understood that in June this year, the country can invest in the country was established in Tianjin New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd., R & D, production of pure electric vehicles and extended-range electric car.

Data show that China's new energy auto market is in a rapid growth phase, the first seven months of this year, China's new energy automobile production 95 530, 89 549 sales, year on year increase of 2.5 times and 2.6 times. The traditional domestic and foreign car companies are increasing investment in the relevant fields.

Analysts pointed out that the country's own sound system through wind capacity in the country to build a sound platform for research and production, as soon as the market layout.