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Dongfeng Cummins: to help truck driver build a better life trucker

Author : Qijing Date : 2015-8-4 8:30:09
Recently, the National People's Congress-cum-love Chinese truck trucker brothers club was held. Experts and business representatives from various areas of the automotive industry gathered nationwide truckers love action officially started. Dongfeng Automobile Co., Dongfeng Cummins, North Ben heavy truck and a number of car manufacturers representatives, logistics, business representatives and representatives of 120 truck drivers from across the country attended the meeting.

What action is the real concern truck drivers? What the auto companies should practice social responsibility? At the meeting on behalf of Dongfeng Cummins as the auto companies to respond to this issue.

Cummins spare parts division vice minister Chen Kuo-fu said in his speech, improve their survival status of the driver, the engine corporate responsibility.
Cummins power to build a better life has been a Cummins corporate vision. Chen Kuo-fu to Cummins, for example, describes the current several sophisticated electronic control technology to bring convenience for drivers:

With the national emission standards to enter the country after a four-stage, electronically controlled diesel engine has full use of technology to control the engine. In the electronically controlled engine era, many large data cheqi analysis can be applied to the daily operation and management of the vehicle, to provide customers with better service.

The engine's fuel economy is further improved. With the advent of the era of electronic control, the electronically controlled Cummins technically unique advantages, after full application in the market. For customers achieve transport routes, truck, car, etc. customized engine calibration procedures to ensure fuel economy, performance bring more surprises.

Application of remote diagnostic devices to help drivers maximize attendance efficiency of the vehicle. Remote device will analyze the driving habits of improvement items, and diagnostic information pushed to the driver, but to inform their nearest service center information.

In addition to the above combination of Internet technology, Cummins engine parts will further reduce prices, especially the price of consumables, lubricants, filters. Start premium maintenance program, give customers more willing, more easily select original parts for maintenance, in order to develop more one million kilometers without overhaul of clients.

In addition, the Dongfeng Cummins joint use of the Internet platform truck fraternal clubs, mobile Internet technology, the maintenance of network information security knowledge of spare parts, maintenance and technical knowledge, various activities information, the most widely promptly transmitted to the driver.

Chen Kuo-fu said that after China's logistics market is large, each engine companies, automobile companies should be to look at how the more valuable products to customers, from the customer's point of view to organize the service and spare parts supply, good Chinese truck joint service driver. Teamsters business is good, the China Logistics Development economy to get better, the overall environment is good, we can benefit from it.