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Cummins produce international products with international technology in China

Author : Qijing Date : 2015-7-27 9:34:28
By 2015, the world's largest independent Cummins Engine Company, it is extremely important and a landmark year. This year, Cummins company into China's first 40 years. Mr. Kong Lao ancient Chinese sage said, begins at forty. China has entered 40 years Cummins, for the Chinese market and users, whether perplexed already do? "

Cummins, vice president, general manager of Dongfeng Cummins Cummins Ning detailed discussion of the various development strategy in China. China 40 Years of history, recently. Cummins is how step by step towards "perplexed" a road to the final out of the feature "internationalization" technology to produce the "China" products of

Cummins was the first multinational company to enter into China's diesel engine business, after the reform and opening up. From the initial selling product, after 1986 and China's best car manufacturers a full range of Dongfeng company formed a strategic partnership, the final way permit the B series engine introduced to China, Dongfeng Cummins in China Development of marriage is a strong brand, cumulative process step by step. Wang Ning, not without emotion, said.

Dongfeng Group has its own brand in an independent field of commercial vehicles in China, indeed. Innovation and upgrading of advantage from time to time on a technical level, over the years has always been leading the trend of China's commercial development. The Cummins is the world's largest independent engine manufacturer, engine manufacturer also completely independent from key components to grasp the full range of system integration technology companies. Cooperation between the two can be described as powerful combination, giants, "marriage.

It will be heavy. Cummins was established, the strong counterattack. By way of license the B series engine introduced to China, improve China policy from time to time to improve market and customer needs, until the production of engines for the Chinese market demand for products. Today, Dongfeng Cummins Engine in China's auto market, especially commercial areas, has become a typical representative of high-end power. Prior Shanghai Auto Show Dongfeng commercial vehicle, Dongfeng Liuzhou Motor advanced level of vehicles are fitted with exhibitors Dongfeng Cummins Engine. Beijing Bus Exhibition, held on May 11, Fukuda Europe brightness display is also equipped with Cummins diesel models ISG large displacement engines.


More than in the line. In the present situation of China's energy and environmental problems have become increasingly prominent, strong style. How to catch the express train of a green economy through new energy strategy, which gives the car and supporting businesses unprecedented challenges and opportunities. 2015 Beijing International road transport, rural buses and spare parts exhibition, the second paragraph of Cummins heavy release of local R & D in the field of manufacturing of domestic natural gas engine series of competitive products -B6.7G responded. Said Wang Ning: B6.7G victory marks the launch of Cummins further improve the domestic natural gas engine product line, providing more choices for Chinese users.


Cummins always take the lead in the most advanced environmental protection technology into the Chinese market. In addition to environmentally friendly diesel engines from Europe Ⅰ to Europe Ⅵ. Cummins has been a global leader in alternative fuel engine technology. Since 1999, Cummins clean natural gas engines has already begun serving Chinese users. To better tailored for Chinese users demand body, Cummins began to develop domestic natural gas platforms.

Cummins began the introduction of domestic natural gas engines, 2014. The first model is targeted at 12 meters L8.9G bus market. 2015 launch of the second paragraph of domestic natural gas models B6.7G Cummins carries greater expectations. Industry sources also Cummins that meet the current energy needs of China's environmental gas engines highly positive, have predicted that as B6.7G from time to time the market, the product will become the engine industry played a touch of strong green movement tone.

Adapt to the economic environment core "product" heart "concept

Indeed inseparable from the environment and the country. Today, China's economic environment is the new normal. The new economic normality to the overall development of the industry in terms of the engine is good while under the new norm, Cummins two years to accelerate the development in the Chinese market. Cummins insisted in the past only to adapt to the rapid development of talent potential. Ning says.

Ning also put forward their own views: Today's China is not a market rise, and how to adapt to the new economic normality. Able to follow the time now that the Chinese market, the new 'in, and now into a true depends on what the customers value for the end user invention, the ability of the market to do a new norm, a new normality will encourage enterprises and the industry itself to improve the overall level of production. This is the new normal a virtuous circle.

Seek temporary lack; not seek overall, since ancient times who do not seek Jesus Christ. They lack seek a field. Faced with the new economic normality, possible future full of unlimited development, Cummins is the "heart" service customers in China, by the normal tendency to seek new economic engine market blue ocean,

From time to time to bring new products, product quality is the cornerstone of enterprise development. Unremitting innovation. The development of the market to bring fresh blood. Every year Cummins are walking in front of peers, to develop more suited to market demand, to meet user needs engines.

Cummins has been pursuing comprehensive economic products (also known as "liquid" economy) aspects of brains, for example. Seeks to assist the user to save in order to achieve customer value. Because now, after four emission norms to the country, both engine fuel consumption, but also the consumption of urea, which reached only one economy is not enough to pursue Cummins is allowed to add both optimal state.

Cummins has been in pursuit of how the engine more intelligent control, electronic control technology. Even considering how electronic control technology and Internet technology to better connections. Domestic, Cummins and days Yuan Science and Technology to jointly develop vehicle networking systems (Telemat It is through this remote control technology platform to achieve economy, electronic control technology and the Internet connection to help customers improve operational management efficiency, greater value for clients invention .

Cummins has been particularly concerned about the pre-market products and after-sales service. Cummins want more is how to help customers use good products, service is a business foothold. Chinese truck network discovery. And Cummins attaches great importance to the solution of some other place of market penetration customers from time to time to go, the solution Chinese local customers. Only by understanding customer needs talented enough to respond positively and quickly adjust the direction of the company's development for the market changes, the most urgent needs of the market products, has won the hearts of customers.

Cummins has always attached great importance to accessories and after-market services. One hundred thousand kilometers of oil oil change mileage, for example. It was five years ago, absolutely nobody thought about the effect of technology, and now through a series of Cummins Filtration technology and engine technology integration, has taken the lead on the Cummins engine to achieve a one hundred thousand kilometers ISG oil change mileage guarantee. This is the joint effect of Cummins integrated technology and systems integration capabilities, filtration technology which play a very important role. Closely filtration technology, nanotechnology and materials science, is an important manifestation of Dongfeng Cummins pay attention to market the service.

Cummins has also been pursuing with the vehicle matching products higher degree of perseverance. All along, but as a vehicle matching enterprises. Dongfeng Cummins engine products in the good of their own, while still considering how good the power system, how to optimize the cooling system, to solve these problems will require technology development and investment in it. Integrated innovation bring greater value to customers, which is Dongfeng Cummins insists services for enterprises conduct of the specific representation.