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Cummins new opportunities for industry partners to work together under the new normal

Author : Qijing Date : 2015-9-1 9:07:58
After 40 years of development, Cummins China's performance has been close to $ 4 billion, the Chinese market has become one of the most active in overseas markets Cummins. Recently, Cummins and ten joint venture partner in China, dozens of representatives from all walks of customers, suppliers and distributors on behalf of community partners, as well as leadership, relevant industry associations gathered together to celebrate Cummins and industry partners work through 40 years of history.
With Cummins and Dongfeng Motor, leadership Foton, Shaanxi Auto, Liugong, Chongqing Machinery, Wuxi power, Valvoline, JEC, Kang-ho and 10 days from science and technology joint venture partners jointly press the start button, Heli Condensation formed geese leap upward arrow indicates that Cummins and industry partners in the new normal rise further to seize the opportunity and work together in the development of win-win cooperation. Cummins celebrating the 40th anniversary of the events in China reached its climax.
The celebration is also a key step in the formal establishment of Cummins normal under the new company's future business strategy. Cummins industry partners to take this show to further promote joint research and development, and work on technological innovation, deep determination and confidence mainstream market, but also with a firm in China to promote investment in product development and operational posture to the public that Cummins invested in China to further expand the market, to seize new market opportunities under the new norm.
Celebrations in the form of witness tells, and guests reviewed the Cummins 40 years to join hands in China and all stakeholders peers, sincere cooperation process. From a purely import period, to license production in China to establish wholly-owned and joint ventures, to the development of local technology, Cummins has been dedicated to leading technology and attentive service to best suit the user's forms to the Chinese market. At the same time, as a good corporate citizen, Cummins also committed back to the community, to contribute their efforts to the development of the local community.
Cummins Chairman and CEO Rambo text (TomLinebarger) at the event, said: "Today's celebrations for Cummins China's development milestone after 40 years of development, Cummins China's performance has been close to $ 4 billion Chinese market. has become one of the most active in overseas markets Cummins, Cummins future development plays an important role in the future, the district will continue to promote the development of business in China Cummins global strategy. We will bring in more resources to help Chinese business expansion, boost successful upgrade Chinese industry and the transformation! "

China Automobile Industry Association executive vice president of Dong Yang said:. "China has the world's huge auto market, the future China will become the world's largest automobile manufacturing base engine as the core of the car, hoping Cummins engine with advanced and leading engine technology and excellent quality for the future of China's auto industry to make its due contribution. "" For 40 years, Cummins engines for China's construction machinery equipment provides exceptional power, especially strong impetus excavators, loaders and bulldozers and other power equipment upgrades. thank Cummins great contribution to the development of China's construction machinery industry made. "president of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, Qi Jun said in his speech.

Cummins Group Vice President, Vice President, China and Russia operations Cao Side (SteveChapman) said: "I came to China in the 1980s, has witnessed China's rapid progress since the reform and opening up, witnessed vigorous development in China Cummins Cummins. China can grow together with all partners, so like Cummins brand friends can facilitate the use of our products, so I am very pleased that today we gather together to celebrate both a retrospective, but also on the future outlook, with our partners in full support, coupled with our unremitting efforts, we will head confidently into the next 40 years! "
Deepen cooperation
Under the new normal, China-related industry is facing new opportunities for development of industrial upgrading. Government to promote the "going global" strategy and the "Made in China 2025" have created a new breakthrough in the development of related industries and transformation. With 40 years of cultivating the Chinese market, Cummins actively seeking partners to further deepen cooperation with China to promote manufacturing upgrades. Cummins and China's leading automobile and equipment manufacturing industry, Dongfeng Motor, Beiqi Foton Motor, Liugong, Chongqing Machinery and other industry partners will continue to play a technical and resource advantages, promote green manufacturing and intelligent manufacturing. Further build the core competitiveness of Dongfeng Cummins, Foton Cummins Engine technology leading companies.

Combined with the mainstream market strategy, Cummins will further increase the joint venture in China to support efforts to promote the second phase of capacity Foton Cummins, Chongqing Cummins new factory, China R & D Center expansion of green technology research and development, as well as the construction of high-powered R & D base. Meanwhile, as the leading power equipment manufacturers worldwide operations, Cummins has also been co-own resource advantage in the global market, help Chinese OEMs to expand in the international market. This year, there have been engineering machinery, passenger cars, electrical systems and other devices equipped with Cummins powered China successfully exported to overseas markets. Cummins also provide effective protection for these products and services overseas.
At the same time, Cummins also will further expand cooperation with industry partners in green technology, the use of system integration advantages emission treatment system, fuel system, turbocharging technology and other key components, further reducing the level of pollutant emissions and improve fuel economy sex. In addition, the gas engine and actively promote the application of clean power system, improve the application level green alternative fuels.
Cummins Chinese employees also through active participation in the celebration bus emissions upgrade activities in China with the 40th anniversary activities. Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau in order to further reduce bus emissions pollution, to address the use of selective catalytic reduction SCR technology for heavy diesel vehicles at low load or low speed may cause the problem of increased nitrogen oxide emissions, released a new Beijing local standards, After the country is expected to implement the new standards the four countries and five buses per average emissions will be further reduced by 60% of nitrogen oxide emissions.

Cummins is the first positive response to the environmental initiatives of the engine business. Cummins China in Wuhan R & D center has invested a lot of manpower and resources development and measures to meet the technical requirements of the new calibration. Solutions are rapidly released: one engine is required after discharge treatment system to increase insulation materials, on the other hand you want to write the same time through the brush engine calibration software upgrade in order to further improve operational performance, optimized emission targets. According to the characteristics of public transport operators, in order to reduce the maximum extent possible upgrades affect the normal operation of the vehicle, Cummins employees are in public service in the form of community service weekends volunteer service software upgrades.
Increase investment
Although part of the foreign-funded enterprises in China, the Chinese market has a tendency to withdraw, Cummins believes that China's market still has great potential. On the basis of the existing layout, Cummins will increase investment in the Chinese market and further customer-oriented, on the one hand strengthen local research and development capabilities, the introduction of green technology innovation, on the other hand, to broaden the market after the service network, sophisticated service levels, enhance the user experience. 2015, Cummins high-horsepower engine technology R & D center and production base in Chongqing foundation to start, is expected to be completed by the end of 2016 the construction of technical centers at the end of 2018 to complete the construction of production lines and supporting facilities.
Cummins ties with China can be traced back to the 1940s, President Roosevelt signed the "lend-lease" to provide assistance to 38 countries, including China. It played an important role in that war of justice of the Chinese people against the invaders. 1970s, with the easing of Sino-US relations, China has gradually opened the door to reform and opening up, Cummins has become the first beach-goers to embrace the opportunities and challenges this brings together the vast expanse of land, the official start of business dealings with China.

As Western Diesel first local production in China, the engine and the engine industry in China, the largest investor, has invested its associated Cummins subsidiary in China over one billion US dollars so far, Cummins in China, with a total of 30 institutions, including 16 wholly owned and joint ventures, more than 9,000 employees, production engines, generators, alternators, filtration systems, turbocharging systems, reprocessing and fuel systems and other products, Cummins service network in China, including 12 regional service centers, more than 30 customer support platforms and more than 2,000 wholly owned and joint venture companies in China authorized dealers.
Cummins long-standing and large Chinese enterprises to form strategic alliances to achieve common development. Cummins has been for four decades and include Dongfeng Motor, Chongqing Machinery, Shaanxi Automobile Group, Foton and Liugong Group, including Chinese industry leaders set up five joint venture engine plant, Cummins twenty-four engine series has been fifteen a locally produced in China.