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Cummins how to find partners in China

Author : Qijing Date : 2015-7-26 9:15:54
Thick plot forty years, blooming new normal, cultivating the Chinese market four decades, the world's largest independent engine manufacturer Cummins targeting the next four decades. In 1975, China's opening up the door is not fully open, Cummins with visionary business vision, to China to seek cooperation, open up the Chinese market to become the first batch of "beach-goers." Forty years later, Cummins has set up 16 joint ventures in China and wholly owned enterprises, nearly 10,000 employees, 2014 sales in China nearly 40 million US dollars, China has become the largest overseas market for Cummins. Four decades, Cummins how to find partners in China? But what makes a Cummins engine's dominance in the Chinese market? Let's find out together.
Equality and cooperation, 50-50 equity model
"We have very good and very powerful companies are our partners, so we and partners sincere cooperation, can be very good market opportunity to further enhance our competitive edge in the marketplace." Cummins Group Vice President, China and Russian business executives commented Cao Side relationship between partners with Cummins.
In 1986, two Cummins engine technology will be transferred to the east, including the 4B series 3.9 liters and 5.9 liters 6B series, it was the first time representatives of Cao Side Cummins to China. Based on joint demand, in June 1996, Dongfeng Motor Corporation and Cummins to equity ratio of 50:50, the establishment of Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co., Ltd. Summarize four decades Cummins strides forward in the Chinese market, Cao Side think the main thing is to bring a partner Cummins core competitiveness. Whether or enterprises with Chinese cooperation with other countries, Cummins joint venture in the engine is generally 50:50 Holding, which is also Cummins has been adhering to the concept of cooperation, cooperation on the other, the contribution of the like, the two must be balance.
In addition, Cummins has always been adhering to win-win situation, the principle of equality and joint venture cooperation. Cao Side recalls: "I remember when C series and Dongfeng joint venture to carry out the negotiations, many foreign companies to China to negotiate and sometimes two or three years of negotiations for a long time, but after negotiating cooperation with Dongfeng Cummins since the beginning of six hours All problems are solved, because there trust, equality. " Partnership based on equality and mutual benefit, 1995--1996 only two years, Cummins has with Dongfeng Motor, Chongqing Machinery formed a joint venture: Dongfeng Cummins and Chongqing Cummins. Today, two years later, it is still within the Cummins Cummins global strategic systems except the United States sales of the largest horsepower engine joint venture.
Mutual cooperation and achieve win-win development
"Two partners must have different goals, but the goal must be complementary, be sure you can trust, the two companies also complement each culture." On the basis of mutual trust, goals and culture and position in the industry partners must be complementary, and this is an important principle Cummins selection of partners.
Cummins entered the fortieth anniversary of the Chinese market, one of the most important partner, Dongfeng Cummins and cooperation to the next year will have gone through a course of three decades, and now, Dongfeng Cummins Cummins in China has become an important joint venture. The partnership began in the 1980s, when the country made truck engine project to be updated, to introduce the world's mainstream products. Cummins keen to capture this information, and the successful cooperation with Dongfeng Automobile Company, Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co., Ltd. was established. Target complementary needs complementary Dongfeng Cummins hand in hand with the company's strong based on this.
"So far Cummins and Dongfeng commercial vehicle cooperation is very much last year, there is a very iconic work is to set up a special Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd., the core here is to create a new brand of Dongfeng commercial vehicle, which is Cummins companies and domestic enterprises to strengthen the future direction of cooperation. "As vice president of Cummins, general manager of Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co., Ltd. Wang Ning," China's bus network, "Reporters expressed as Cummins line hand in hand with the pace of Chinese enterprises is far from stop ʱ??
Celebration Day, Dongfeng Cummins and Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation special agreement, marking the world's leading diesel engine manufacturer Cummins largest natural gas joint venture in China with advanced commercial vehicle manufacturers powerful combination. The two sides are committed to the joint planning of vehicle and engine products, systems match, to carry out all-round cooperation in various aspects of marketing and brand management, resource sharing, win-win development. Dongfeng special vehicle providers will take advantage of its R & D, manufacturing, marketing aspects, Cummins will play it in the car with the engine development, manufacturing and application of leading technology and experience, the two complement each other, trying to reshape the domestic commercial Car industry competition.
Trust and cooperation for a better future
With the continuous deepening of the development of China's manufacturing industry complementary resources and optimize the allocation of key industry transformation is to promote the value chain upgrading. Cummins after entering China, in addition to Dongfeng Cummins and Xi'an Cummins two joint venture companies, there are a lot of supporting enterprises are among 纳入康明斯 overall strategic system in China. In addition, Cummins has established a large number of engine parts factory, as production Fleetguard filters, Wuxi Cummins Turbo adds production and so on. Although these vendors are not included in the joint venture, but also a very good partner Cummins. Whole plant with parts suppliers to work together to seek common development, trust is important to maintain the link between the two partnerships.
For the relationship with partners, Cummins Vice President and General Manager of Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co., Ltd. Ning told reporters the answer. "Relations between Cummins and suppliers, first of all we have a very correct position, this position is reflected in an important practical Cummins operating system in the middle, is to suppliers as partners. In the positioning of this partnership We actively help our suppliers to grow. "
Cummins and partners of mutual benefit and common development, and the trust of the action inside. In this regard, Wang Ning added:. "Cummins came to China to do business, especially the early years of Chinese local suppliers may not meet global standards, Cummins will actively help suppliers grow in this process Cummins suppliers to help suppliers improve product quality Cummins will make a profit, which is the model of cooperation between Cummins and suppliers.
From a purely import period, to establish wholly-owned and joint venture companies in China, to local technology development, to enter the Chinese market four years, Cummins has been dedicated to leading technology and attentive service to best suit the user's forms to the Chinese market ʱ?? The future, we have reason to believe Cummins products themselves freely to its strong will power continued to lead the Chinese passenger car industry to flourish and create brilliant!