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Cummins China lowered revenue expectations

Author : Qijing Date : 2015-9-23 9:34:54
 In the second-quarter earnings on Cummins, Cummins will its revenue forecast downward in China, down from $ 3.8 billion in the first quarter to $ 3.5 billion.
Some people ask, in 2015, China's full implementation of the four countries on environment protection and energy Cummins is undoubtedly good news for heavy, then why Cummins in China in 2015 revenue is expected to cut it? China lowered revenue, Cummins global business will be affected?
Author with the same question, Cummins second-quarter revenue to do a comparative analysis.
Involvement of Cummins heavy-duty truck market in China is expected to cut annual
According to Cummins Reported in recent years, the highest peak in China Cummins income for 2011 of $ 3.3 billion, fell to a low in 2012, operating income was $ 2.6 billion, but in recent years has been steadily improved. And for 2015, Cummins initial target of $ 3.8 billion, but with the continued weakness in the domestic truck market in 2015, when second-quarter earnings, Cummins will expected income down to $ 3.5 billion.
With Ice Age to describe the Chinese market in 2015 is not too much. The first eight months, China's heavy truck market decline is still maintained at 30%. Nest without eggs will survive, heavy trucks attacked the winter, affecting key components, the engine is no exception, and Cummins main business in China is the heavy truck engines, which affected degree self-evident.
Chinese market down, Cummins overall business will be affected? First we look at the status of China in the overall business of Cummins.
A description of the Chinese market, Cummins financial statements using the "emergingmarket" adjective, directly translated into Chinese called "emerging markets."
For the "emerging markets", Cummins earnings is explained this way: in China has more than 30 years, has a strong road and off-highway OEM factory partners, stringent emission standards and new product launches are Cummins source of growth.
In other words, in the long term, Cummins Chinese market is optimistic, promising follow-force growth. However, the current market point of view, China, the emerging markets of Cummins global business has not yet greatly affected.
First half net income by nearly 10 points to the good of global business steadily
The first half of 2015 operating income of $ 9.724 billion, an increase of 5.23%, net income of $ 858 million, an increase of nearly 10 points over the same period in 2014. Cummins posted combined 2015 first quarter and second-quarter earnings, both the income scale or profitability, Cummins's performance was remarkable.
Thanks to growth in the overall market, Cummins is raised 2015 revenue and profit in the world, according to Cummins in the first quarter and second-quarter earnings, the second quarter of its full-year revenue is expected Cummins from the first quarter of 19.524 billion US dollars increased to $ 19.704 billion, the profit is increased from $ 2,564,000,000 to $ 2,628,000,000.