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Cummins! The new attack

Author : Qijing Date : 2015-7-27 9:31:36
 A 40-year or even longer in the future. Cummins China operations will be completed by a new attack.

East Third Ring Road in Beijing Jinmao Wei Sting - Obama's visit to China stayed in this hotel, recently. Held a "large-scale" Participant birthday hundreds of people lie, "this, the world's largest independent engine manufacturer - Cummins enter China welcomed its first 40 years.

Cummins will be China's global business segment is defined as the most critical part, when 1998 came to over China Chairman and CEO of Cummins Group Rambo text (TomLinebarg this deep experience. All along. And to this end engaged in a sustained effort in 40 years, the China market to build a perfect layout, with a dozen strategic partners, 19 manufacturing companies, two research and development centers to the future, China will continue to drive the business district Cummins global strategy;.. while I will continue to introduce more resources to assist the Chinese business expansion, help Chinese industry transformation and upgrading of victory.

Explore the Chinese market and in-depth this matter, indeed. Cummins is more active than many US companies more sustainable.

Cummins and China National Heavy Duty Truck, Dongfeng Motor and other companies signed a license agreement in the 1980s. Production of Cummins diesel engines. Second half of the 1990s, Cummins not only became the first enterprises to set up investment companies in China, but also laid a series of joint ventures in China, wholly owned manufacturing base, almost every year a new factory completed and put into production. After 2000 to date, Cummins China expansion speed from time to time. On the one hand Cummins continued expansion, new manufacturing plants and R & D center to develop new strategic partners; at the same time also the world's highest emissions standards, maximum horsepower range of products into the Chinese business system, more and more products in the Chinese first .

Many parts, more exciting not just engines. Such as filters, turbochargers, but also the full realization of the field of manufacturing. So far, some other place of Cummins Engine proportion has surpassed 95 percent Rambo text conceal his excitement.

It worked more than 20 years Cummins Cao Side (SteveChapman complete this beautiful Chinese pioneering "people.

Especially in China this paragraph, for his career. Cao Side total feeling is fleeting, "from 1981, he came to China in 1985 to participate in negotiations on cooperation Cummins and Dongfeng Motor, to the 1990s, as the person in charge of China, the overall leadership of the technology and product introductions, expand the joint venture, and Chinese Creating and other regional headquarters, Cao Side has paid a great deal of patience, very solid and complex operations only in 1995, 1996 and two years, Cummins has with Dongfeng Motor, Chongqing Machinery formed a joint venture - Dongfeng Cummins and Chongqing Cummins To date worldwide, Cummins Cummins is still within the global system horsepower engine sales outside North America in the largest joint venture.

Cao Side in 2000 was promoted to group vice president of Cummins. During the US headquarters, thanks to outstanding performance. China has been concerned about the development of business. In 2010, Cao Side once again in his capacity as group vice president of straight pipe business in China, and led Cummins China operations toward new highs.
Cummins was first carried out in China, as the field production of engine production base - Cummins first official line of 200 million units of products. For high-end positioning in the field of Cummins, the 2013. This is undoubtedly the industry to give businesses, products and brands the greatest recognition. As Cummins (China) Investment Co., Ltd. Vice Chairman, and heavy horsepower engine business experience as head of Jie Wang: still in the 1990s, when committed Cummins diesel engine as a fulcrum to promote Chinese commercial vehicles, heavy Development of the truck industry. Since then, many newspapers will direct the trucks equipped with Cummins engine, Cummins wrote trucks' Today, these stories about Cummins trucks, word of mouth is still a lot of places. To some extent, it has been regarded as synonymous with the Cummins heavy-duty trucks, buses.

Cummins is also in full force. Cummins not only put up one after another "milestone" in the field of non-road power matching vehicle engine field in China.

50:50 joint venture stake to build engines - Guangxi Cummins. Since the project started less than a year to put into operation in 2012, Cummins and China's leading construction machinery companies - Liugong consensus. Guangxi Cummins Engine matching scale than 10,000 units. This is the incredible worldwide are very hard to find a precedent for such a rate, so even with the rich experience of partners - Liugong Machinery chairman Zeng Guang An also conceal their excitement; it is not difficult to see the Chinese construction machinery Cummins given field great expectations.

Cummins has accumulated investment in China and its related subsidiaries has surpassed $ 1 billion. 2014 Cummins China business scale has been close to $ 4 billion. Is the use of sales growth in China in recent years, frequent and continuous operation for 40 years under a temporary deep plowing. Cummins in the past year to offset the favorable impact of a weak market in Brazil and India brought. Chinese market has become one of the most active markets overseas Cummins, the company's future development will play a pivotal role.