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Cummings: 13L heart lapras H7

Author : Qijing Date : 2015-9-21 8:56:13
 As China's most influence truck competition -- China Truck open, it may be said is most can ignite passion truck enthusiasts events. Compared to last year, this year the race card for the first time using multi brand car, for the first time into the professional circuit, for the first time the cars start at the same time race, the entry model of dynamic performance, safety performance, braking performance and stability have higher requirements. In the just concluded China Truck open Shanghai station competition, production car Chenglong H7 completely inferior to professional modification 4x2 professional racing, successfully defending 6 * 4 group champion, and won the mixed group of runners.

What quality lapras H7 champion what excels?
A strong heart!

As a core part of a truck, the engine is the heart of a truck driving a truck. Through the hard armor lapras H7, hit the vehicle -- ISZ13 liter engine core, strong heart that is handsome lapras H7.
Advanced R & D technology

ISZ13 liter engine project developed by Cummins East Asia R & D center, mainly for the domestic high-end heavy truck market, and focus on the to meet international market demand for products, is currently the Chinese heavy vehicle engine maximum power of a.
13 liters of energy

Lapras H7 use Cummins for the body to build "gold power engine, ISZ13 liter engine, can provide 13 liters of 450 horsepower strong power output, economic speed range 1100 go to 1400 rpm, torque to 2238N - M. At the same time, Chenglong H7 can match 13 litres 480 horsepower engine. It has 13 liters of full displacement, Chenglong H7 to the strong power to get incisively and vividly.
XPI fuel injection system

Xpi fuel injection system is Cummins and Scania company joint development of ultra high pressure (xpi) fuel injection technology, injection pressure (general industry 1800bar) the highest 2400bar, tiny particles of combustion and fast injection speed, the Chenglong H7 engine power get breakthrough improvement.

The Chinese truck open, Chenglong H7 campaign Guangzhou, Shanghai Stadium's stunning performance, shocked the audience, but also fully demonstrated that Chenglong H7 won 6 x 4 champion is no luck, and by virtue of the strength of the! Lapras believe H7 to you in the future can bring the same wonderful.