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Chinese trucks to Vietnam champion

Author : Qijing Date : 2015-8-17 8:56:21
According to Vietnam's General Administration of Customs released data show that in April 2015, Vietnam imported China-made cars totaled 8856, with the year compared to the same period of 2274 increased by 289%, trucks still account for the main part. Chinese brand truck has for many years among the Vietnamese market sales champion.

Europe, the US and China beat South Korea to Vietnam truck sales champion

Foreign media analysis, the Vietnamese government restrictions overloaded trucks, thereby reducing damage to the road is one of the reasons Chinese-selling car in the Vietnamese market. Vietnamese Minister of Planning Investment Department Pei Guangrong said: "Increasing import trucks showed Vietnam's economy is recovering, the public needs more such vehicles meet the transport needs."

2014, Vietnam imported a total of 13,805 various types of vehicles from China, with a total amount of about $ 530 million. Where the truck will be close to 12,000.

In the fierce competition with many veteran of the US, Europe and Japan and South Korea famous car brands, the Chinese truck market in Vietnam for many years can come out on top, and its excellent quality, reasonable pricing and excellent after-sales Warranty Services is clearly the holy grail Chinese trucks.

First, the Chinese truck excellent quality meet the actual needs of local Vietnamese. China's production of heavy trucks either do not lose any of well-known foreign brands in quality standards truck maintenance or durability, etc., but also more in line with the actual needs of local Vietnamese. Second, reasonable price advantage to meet the Vietnamese consumer psychology. Third, excellent after-sales service for support. In the sales of many Western and Japanese and Korean brands of heavy trucks can not promise timely supply of aftermarket three bags and accessories.

Industry generally believe that, with the continuous expansion of the Vietnamese border to improve regulations and infrastructure needs, the demand for heavy trucks, including trucks will also maintain upward momentum, with the pre-lay market reputation, Chinese truck market outlook will be increasingly in Vietnam broad.