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Cammas to enter China faces many challenges

Author : Qijing Date : 2015-9-11 8:31:56
 Recently, many media are reported as follows: September 3, 2015, to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the victory of the anti fascist war, Huatai Automobile Group and Russian KAMAZ Truck Group at the Great Hall of the people, signed the $6.3 billion worth of bilateral joint venture agreement, Chinese and Russian presidents, ambassadors attended the signing ceremony.

According to the planning of the agreement, Huatai Automobile Group and Russian KAMAZ Truck Group will in the Tianjin Free Trade Zone, a joint venture set up an annual output of 5 million sets of R & D and manufacturing of various heavy truck production base, into a competitive advantage in the international market, high-end heavy truck, cross-country all wheel drive truck and special equipment of commercial vehicle load etc. series of automotive products, the project annual output value of 200 million yuan RMB.

Agreement between the two parties is also planning, Russian KAMAZ Truck Group and the Huatai Automobile Group will be in Russian Tatarstan established an annual output of 30 million passenger car joint venture company, the annual output value of 57 billion dollars. Joint venture will use parts assembly production mode, production of Huatai Automobile independent brand SUV and car products, and will carry Huatai Automobile independent technology of clean diesel engine, 4AT and 6at automatic transmission products. The joint venture will be the KAMAZ Truck Group in the Russian domestic market, sales, services, networks, and other advantages, to achieve Huatai independent brand passenger car products widely sold throughout the territory of Russia.

Huatai Automobile with Russian KAMAZ Truck Group together to achieve localization of cutting-edge technology for commercial vehicles, the localization of manufacturing, the leading products of the internationalization. At the same time, Huatai Automobile will be combined with independent, leading new energy automotive technology to achieve joint venture company's new energy commercial vehicle R & D and production, once again to fill gaps in domestic related fields. Huatai Automobile use existing markets, channels and service network advantages, as a joint venture project in the domestic and foreign markets to provide support for the multi field, and vigorously expand domestic and international markets. The two-way joint venture mode refers to the technology, production, market resources sharing, complementary advantages.

In addition, Huatai Automobile Group will introduce the KAMAZ Truck Group Mastery of cold, heat and other extreme weather and under many kinds of road conditions all-weather, all wheel drive trucks cutting-edge technology, to fill the domestic technology in related fields blank. Huatai Automobile will and Kamaz truck will jointly develop the domestic and international commercial heavy truck market, in Tianjin, China as a bridgehead into Southeast Asia, India, Africa and other countries market, enhance the competitiveness of Chinese heavy truck industry in the international market. The two sides will also use their own products in the international market, the layout of the advantages, as well as China and Russia's regional economic and trade advantages, the two sides joint venture, cooperation and the results of radiation and into Central Asia, Middle East and Europe and other regions and countries, greatly fit and strong support for China, a country with a big strategic implementation.